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Disassembly and Installation of Vibration SKF Motor Bearings

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There are two main types of vibrating motors for vibrating screens. Vertical vibrating motors are mainly used in rotating vibrating screens. Horizontal vibrating motors can be used in various vibrating screening equipment. Vibrating motors are the main excitation of vibrating screens. Source, its important position can be imagined. The vibration motor uses heavy-duty bearings, which can carry a certain axial load. Regardless of the installation direction, the life of the special SKF bearing is not affected by the axial load force.  

1. Steps to dismantle SKF bearings  

(1) Remove the protective cover at both ends of the vibration motor (vertical vibration motor has no protective cover), and record the percentage of excitation force when the eccentric block is working, so that it can be restored to the original working state during installation;  

(2) Remove the shafts at the two shaft ends with retaining rings;  

(3) Loosen the fastening bolts of the outer eccentric block, remove the outer eccentric block, and remove the shaft key if there is a shaft key. Loosen the fastening bolts of the inner eccentric block and remove the inner eccentric block;  

(4) Remove the bearing seat compression bolts, screw into the bearing seat removal screw holes with appropriate bolts, and eject the bearing seat from the housing;  

(5) Remove the SKF bearing gland from the bearing housing, press out the bearing from the bearing housing or push it out with a suitable bolt;  

(6) If the SKF bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing with a separable inner and outer sleeve, remove the inner sleeve of the SKF bearing from the shaft and put it into the original bearing outer sleeve;  

(7) Thoroughly clean the oil stains of all parts.  

2. How to disassemble SKF bearings

(1) Push method  

The SKF bearing is pressed by a press to work smoothly and reliably without damaging the machine and the SKF bearing shielding machine room. The press has manual push, mechanical or hydraulic press.  

Matters needing attention: the pressing point of the press should be on the center of the shaft, without biasing.

(2) Percussion method  

The percussive force is generally applied to the inner ring of SKF bearings. The percussive force of the shielded machine room should not be applied to the rolling elements and cages of the bearing. This method is simple and easy, but it can easily damage the bearing. When the SKF bearing is at the end of the shaft, use A copper rod or other soft metal material smaller than the inner diameter of the bearing is pressed against the shaft end, and a spacer is added to the lower part of the bearing, and it can be removed by tapping it with a hand hammer. In applying this method, attention should be paid to the proper placement of the cushion block and the correct focus point.   There are enough stock for SKF 6320 /C3 bearings in ERIC BEARING LTD  , if you interested , pls click here to learn more : 

(3) Pull out method  

Using a special puller, when disassembling, as long as the handle is rotated, the SKF bearing will be slowly pulled out. When removing the outer ring of the bearing, the corners of the two legs of the puller should be opened outward; when removing the inner ring of the bearing, the two legs of the puller should be inward and stuck on the end face of the inner ring of the bearing.  

Matters needing attention:  

a. The hook of the puller should be hooked to the inner ring of the SKF bearing, not to the outer ring, so as to avoid excessive loosening or damage to the bearing;

b. When using the puller, the screw rod must be aligned with the center hole of the shaft, and it must not be skewed. Should also pay attention to the force of the hook and the bearing, do not damage the hook and the bearing;

c. Pay attention to preventing the hook from slipping off;

d. The bending angle of the two legs of the puller is less than 90°.  

(4) Hot dismantling method  

Used to disassemble tightly fitted SKF bearings. First, pour the engine oil heated to about 100°C on the bearing to be dismantled with an oil can. After the bearing ring is heated and expand, the bearing can be pulled out with a puller.  

Matters needing attention:  

a. First, the puller should be installed on the bearing to be removed, and a certain pulling force should be applied;

b. Before heating, wrap the shaft with asbestos rope or thin iron plate to prevent the shaft from swelling due to heat, otherwise it will be difficult to disassemble. When removing the bearing from the bearing case hole, only heat the bearing case hole, not heat Bearing;

c. When pouring oil, the shielded engine room should steadily pour the oil pot on the bearing ring or rolling element, and place an oil basin under it to collect the hot oil flowing down to avoid waste and burns;

d. The operator should wear asbestos gloves to prevent burns.