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FAG Bearing Abnormal Sound Detection Method

There are two ways to detect abnormal sound of FAG bearings. One is the noise detection method based on acoustics, and the other is the detection method based on vibration. 1. Detection method of abnormal sound (1) Noise detection method In a silencing environment where the basic noise is less than 20db, a high-quality microphon...

SKF Ball Bearing and Ball Bearing Unit Installation

About SKF ball bearings and ball bearing units SKF ball bearings and ball bearing units are assembled in units. Before installing, you should not try to disassemble the bushing and remove the mounting ring from the bearing. When installing or removing ball bearings and bearing units, SKF recommends using a sling or dry jack to u...

How to prevent SKF imported bearings from overheating

When the SKF imported bearing workpiece is seriously overheated, the grains are coarse, and at the same time, the amount of 8 iron cables in the steel increases, which is easy to cause the deterioration of the hot working performance of the workpiece. When the lcrl8Ni9Ti stainless steel body or flange is overheated, it is easy t...

Causes of Magnetic Marks on the Outer Ring of FAG Bearings

Defects are more likely to occur during metal thermal processing. For example, during forging processing, cavities and micro-cracks caused by overheating of forging are likely to become fatigue sources of bearing contact fatigue failure. Here is a list of magnetic marks on the outer ring of a certain FAG bearing on the railway. ...

Characteristics and applications of common mechanical bearings

As we all know, bearings play a pivotal role in the field of mechanical equipment. The main function is to support the mechanical rotating body to reduce the friction coefficient of the mechanical load during the transmission process of the equipment. The following is a description of the characteristics and applications of comm...

What are the Factors That Affect the Burn of NSK Bearings

The so-called burn damage state of the NSK bearing refers to: the raceway wheel, rolling body and cage of the bearing heat rapidly during rotation until they become discolored, softened, welded, and damaged. The main cause of NSK bearing burns is due to the poor lubrication of the bearings, which may be the use of irregular lubr...

Lubrication of IKO Stainless Steel Bearings During Operation

If two incompatible greases are mixed, never mix incompatible greases. Usually the consistency will become soft, and finally it will be damaged due to the easy loss of grease. If you dont know which kind of grease your IKO bearing originally used, you must first remove all the original grease, and then add a grease to lubricate....

Correct bearing mounting tools and training bring savings to glass recycling plant

A short training session and the use of professional tools from NSK: with these two simple measures, a company in the glass recycling industry was able to reduce the manpower costs required for bearing replacement by a factor of four and increase the service life of mounted bearings. Nowadays, the circular economy is the objecti...

Overview of choosing IKO bearings

There are many types of IKO bearings in the form and size. The appropriate bearing must be selected according to the various conditions required by the machinery and device used. Although there are no certain steps and rules to select the bearing, it can generally be carried out according to the following steps: 1. Confirm worki...