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Abnormal Phenomenon of FAG Clutch Bearing Operation

Under normal circumstances, the clutch bearing will not be excited, but if an excitation occurs, you must check the situation. Causes and emergency measures of some faults during the use of FAG bearings: 1. Rolling sound of bearings Use the sound of the size and sound quality of the audio equipment to check the operation of the ...

What is the Impact of Cleanliness on INA Bearings

1. Impact on INA bearing life The cleanliness of INA bearings has a considerable impact on bearing life. INA bearings have conducted special tests for this purpose, and the result is that the difference is several times or even tens of times. The higher the cleanliness of the bearing, the longer the life. The tests of others sho...

The Main Points of FAG Bearing Type Selection

1.Size restrictions Usually the space where FAG bearings can be installed is limited. In most cases, the shaft diameter (or bearing inner diameter) is based on mechanical design or other design limitations. Therefore, the choice of FAG bearing type and size is determined according to the inner diameter of the bearing. Therefore,...

TIMKEN Bearing Grinding New Technology and Process Equipment

In recent years, due to the development of grinding wheel, control, measurement and vibration technologies, TIMKEN bearing grinding new technology and process equipment have been continuously applied, mainly in the following aspects: 1.High-speed grinding technology is generally used. The linear speed of the grinding wheel can r...

KOYO Bearing Repair

KOYO bearings are mass-produced mechanical parts, and the manufacturing precision is very strict, and the degree of technical specialization is very high. Therefore, for most KOYO bearing varieties that are easy to buy, it should be more cost-effective to buy than repair, only in the following Situation, only consider the repair...

Analysis of FAG Bearing use Environment Considerations

FAG bearings are precision components, and their use must be carried out accordingly. No matter how high-performance bearings are used, if used improperly, the expected high performance will not be obtained. Note about the use of FAG bearings are as follows. 1.Keep FAG bearings and their surroundings clean Even if tiny dust invi...

Repairing Problems of Rolling SKF Bearings

Rolling bearings are a lot of produced mechanical parts, and the manufacturing precision requirements are very strict, and the level of professionalism is very high. Therefore, regarding the types of SKF bearings that are most easily bought, it should be more cost-effective to purchase than repairs, as long as the status is ridi...

Effect of FAG Rolling Bearing Structure on Vibration and Noise

1.Raceway sound Raceway sound is due to the rolling body rolling in the raceway when the bearing rotates, which stimulates a smooth and continuous noise.Only when its sound pressure level or tone is extremely large,it attracts people's attention.In fact, the sound energy excited by the raceway sound is limited. For example, unde...

NSK Bearing Noise Essence and Vibration Factor

The nature of NSK bearing noise For the use of bearings, noise is very common. The same applies to the low-noise bearings in NSK bearings. So why is there noise? Today I will introduce the essence to you. 1. Bearing sound and control method Raceway sound is a kind of smooth and continuous sound produced by the rolling body rolli...