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Overview of choosing IKO bearings

There are many types of IKO bearings in the form and size. The appropriate bearing must be selected according to the various conditions required by the machinery and device used. Although there are no certain steps and rules to select the bearing, it can generally be carried out according to the following steps: 1. Confirm worki...

How to install IKO thrust bearings

IKO thrust bearings are highly rigid bearings with precision-machined cages and rollers that can be used in small spaces and have the ability to withstand heavy loads. This type of bearing has thrust needle roller bearings using needle rollers, thrust roller bearings using cylindrical rollers and various track wheels, which can ...

The solution of repair FAG bearings after cleaning and wear

No matter what, it will wear out a bit after use. FAG bearings are the key equipment of the ultrasonic cleaning machine system. Because the imported bearings of the cleaning machine have extremely bad working conditions, they need to be operated under continuous shock, vibration, and overload, and the service life is more than 1...

The quality of the bearing and the choice of clearance

When customer do not know how to choose suitable bearings for their machine , ERIC BEARING LTD can help you , supply different brand in widely size . Usually , there are 8 points to teach you how to make right choice . 1. Selection of bearing model The bearing model is generally selected by the user's technical personnel accordi...

Common Defects of Steel Ball Lapping and Super Lapping in NSK Bearings

Both lapping and super lapping are the final processing procedures of NSK bearing steel balls, and the processing of NSK bearing steel balls higher than G40 generally requires ultra lapping procedures. The final size deviation, geometric accuracy, surface roughness, surface quality and burn of the steel ball must meet the requir...

How grease works in FAG bearings

Everyone knows that in the use of FAG bearings, some are lubricated, and some are not. Why is that? Shouldn't everything be lubricated? Actually otherwise, ERIC BEARING LTD will introduce the performance characteristics of oil-free FAG bearings below. 1. No or less oil lubrication, suitable for places where it is impossible or d...

Three concerns about SKF bearing life improvement

Bearings are important parts of mechanical equipment. In order to ensure the best performance of the bearings, reliable work, correct installation and operation, and reasonable maintenance are very important. This article shares several tips for extending bearing life. First of all, lubrication is the key Choose a suitable lubri...

Classification of surface hardening technology for imported bearing materials

When we understand the bearing manufacturing process, we usually find that the bearing will harden the surface of the material, which can strengthen the bearing surface and make the surface of the bearing material beautiful and smooth. The editor of China Bearing Network mainly shares the classification of surface hardening tech...

Failure Case of Large FAG Spherical Roller Bearings

The FAG spherical roller bearing exemplified here is a main shaft bearing used in a wind turbine. It is understood that the large-scale spherical roller bearing bears a large axial load during use, which leads to the spherical roller bearing Under eccentric load, the entire set of bearings cannot be aligned, causing the surface ...