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FAG deep groove ball bearing seal structure analysis and application

1. FAG deep groove ball bearing seal structure analysis FAG deep groove ball bearings have a variety of sealing structures. According to the different sealing materials, they are mainly divided into two types: rubber sealing ring and dust cover (standard iron cover): according to the different sealing arrangements, they can be d...

Precautions for Correct Adjustment of SKF Bearing Clearance

SKF rolling bearing clearance adjustment and preloading is an important part of the rolling bearing assembly work. Accurately grasp the process concept of clearance adjustment and preloading, and use this process method correctly in the assembly work is the guarantee of the quality of the bearing assembly work. Overview of SKF r...

Reasons for Cracking of IKO Bearing Steel Balls

What is Bearing Steel Balls ? Steel balls are the rolling elements that carry the total load of the ball bearing, and are also one of the important components of the bearing. However, when we use IKO bearings, we often find the phenomenon of cracking of the bearing steel balls, such as: bearing steel ball wear marks, bearing ste...

Stiffness Change Caused by TIMKEN Bearing Preload

When transferring machine tool spindle bearings, it is generally necessary to preload the bearings on the spindle. The purpose is to improve the rotation accuracy of the bearing, increase the stiffness of the shaft, suppress the vibration and noise of the shaft, and prevent the sliding of the rolling elements. What are the prelo...

KOYO Bearing End Cover Measurement Method

1. The role of KOYO bearing end cover Most medium and small reducers use KOYO rolling bearings, and the bearing end cover of KOYO rolling bearing is the most common part. The bearing end cover is used to fix the bearing, adjust the bearing clearance and bear the axial force. 2. Structural characteristics of bearing end cover The...

What is the correction of NTN Bearing Limit Speed

The limit speed of NTN bearing The speed of NTN bearing is mainly limited by the temperature rise caused by the friction heating inside the bearing. When the speed exceeds a certain limit, the bearing will not continue to rotate due to burns. The limit speed of NTN bearing refers to the limit value of the speed at which it can r...

Reasons for the Inner Ring of NSK Cylindrical Roller Bearing

In automobile transmissions, most traditional systems use rolling bearings to support the rotating axle to ensure stable rotation of the rotating axle. The following example illustrates the use of NSK cylindrical roller bearings to support the stable transmission of the rotating axle. During use, NSK cylinders are found The inne...

Centerless Grinding Technology of NSK Bearing Ring

1. High-speed grinding technology General production efficiency can be increased by 30%-60%, and the durability of the grinding wheel can be increased by about 0.71 times. High-speed grinding can achieve the two major goals pursued by modern manufacturing technology to improve product quality and labor efficiency. Practice has p...

The Classic TIMKEN Bearing Failure Development Stage

1. Initial stage (1) The noise is normal; (2) The temperature is normal; (3) It can be measured by ultrasonic, vibration peak energy, and acoustic emission. The outer ring of TIMKEN bearing is defective; (4) The total amount of vibration is relatively small, and there is no discrete TIMKEN bearing fault frequency spike; (5) The ...