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Double Ball Bearing, how to Make the Fan Life Longer

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The double ball bearing is a kind of higher grade bearing. There are several tiny steel balls in the bearing around the axis. When the fan leaf or the shaft rotates, the steel balls follow the rotation. Because they are all spheres, the friction is small, and there is no problem of oil leakage. The disadvantage of a double ball bearing is that it has a high manufacturing cost and the most noise at the same speed level (because of the friction point of the ball bearing increases by two times).

However, in practical use, its advantages are enough to let people ignore these shortcomings.

  Advantages of double ball bearing

At present, the majority of fans with high speed and long life use double ball bearing design, which is related to the characteristics of the double ball taking itself. High-quality magnetic shaft bearings and hydraulic bearings can achieve long life. Still, they are much more complicated than double ball bearings in technology and have no advantage in cost. So at present, the majority of fans pursuing life are still using double ball bearings.

The advantages of double ball fans are long life, about 50000 to 100000 hours, excellent aging resistance, and high-speed fans. The dual ball bearing is embedded in the fan as a whole, and the rotating part is not in direct contact with the outside world. In the sealed environment, the working environment of the bearing is relatively stable. As a result, almost all 5000 rpm large-diameter fans use double ball bearings.

  Longer life of double ball bearing

Experience should not be simply considered as damage, but as time goes on, bearing performance declines. If in hot, cold, dry, and other environments, the performance loss will be more serious. Not only double ball bearings but all ball bearings, compared with different kinds of bearings, have a longer service life.

The ball is bearing changes the friction model of the bearing. It adopts rolling friction, which can effectively reduce the conflict between the bearing surfaces, effectively improve the service life of the fan bearing, and thus extend the service life of the radiator. 

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