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The Basic Principle of INA Bearing Selection Application Performance

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The INA bearing configuration includes not only rolling bearings, but also components related to bearings, such as shafts and bearing housings. Lubricants are also a very important part of bearing configuration, because lubricants must be protected against wear and corrosion so that imported bearings can fully function. In addition, the seal is also a very important component, and the performance of the seal is critical to the cleaning of the lubricant. Keeping it clean has a profound impact on the service life of bearings, which is why lubricants and seals have become part of the INA bearing business.

1.According to the working conditions of the bearing (including load direction and load type, speed, lubrication method, coaxiality requirements, positioning or non-positioning, installation and maintenance environment, ambient temperature, etc.), select the basic type, tolerance level and clearance of imported bearings ;  Eric Bearing Ltd have different type of INA bearings , today share INA AXK1024 :

2.According to the working conditions of the bearing and the stress and life requirements, determine the bearing type through calculation, or select the bearing type according to the use requirements, and then check the life;

3.Check the rated load and limit speed of the selected bearing.

The main considerations for selecting INA bearings are the limit speed, the required good life and load capacity, and other factors help to determine the final solution of the bearing type, structure, size and tolerance level and clearance.

Type selection

Various types of rolling bearings have different characteristics and are suitable for different use cases of various machines. When choosing the type of imported bearings,

The following factors should generally be considered. In general: thrust bearings and angular contact bearings are used when bearing thrust loads, ball bearings are usually used for high-speed applications, and roller bearings are used when bearing heavy radial loads.

1.The space and position of the machine occupied by the bearing

In mechanical design, generally determine the size of the shaft, and then select the rolling bearing according to the size of the shaft. Ball bearings are usually used for small shafts and roller bearings are used for large shafts. However, when the bearing is restricted in the diameter direction of the machine, needle roller bearings, extra-light and ultra-light series ball or roller bearings are used; when the axial position of the INA bearing is restricted in the machine, narrow or Very narrow series of ball or roller bearings.

2.The size, direction and nature of the load on the bearing

Load is the most important factor in choosing imported bearings. Roller bearings are used to bear heavy loads, ball bearings are used to bear light or medium loads, and bearings made of carburized steel or bainite hardened can withstand shock and vibration loads.

In the direction of the load, when bearing pure radial loads, deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings or needle roller bearings can be selected. When bearing a small pure axial load, a thrust ball bearing can be used; when bearing a large pure axial load, a thrust roller bearing can be used. When the bearing bears combined radial and axial loads, angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings are generally used.

3.Self-aligning performance of bearings

When the centerline of the shaft is different from the centerline of the bearing housing, there is an angular error, or the rigidity of the shaft is small due to the large distance between the two supports of the shaft, and it is easy to bend or tilt under force, you can choose a good adjustment performance Heart ball or spherical roller bearings, and outer ball bearings. This type of bearing can maintain normal operation when the shaft is slightly inclined or bent.

The amount of work required depends on whether you have similar experience in bearing selection. In the event of inexperience, special requirements, or special consideration of the cost of bearing arrangements and any other subsequent shapes, more work needs to be done, such as more accurate calculations and/or tests.

Obviously, it is impossible to include all the information required for every conceivable INA bearing application. For this reason, we will mention comprehensive application engineering services in many places, which include technical support for correct bearing selection and how to perform complete bearing configuration calculations. The higher the technical requirements for bearing arrangements and the more limited the experience of using bearings in specific applications, the more you should take advantage of this service.

Selection skills to distinguish the quality of INA bearings

Each INA bearing model has different characteristics according to the design, which makes the suitability of each model for a specific purpose more or less different. For example, deep groove ball bearings can withstand moderate radial and axial loads.

They have low friction and can produce various types with high accuracy and meet the requirements of quiet operation. So they are more suitable for small and medium-sized electric motors.

Spherical and roller bearings can withstand very high loads and can be self-aligning. Such characteristics make them very suitable for use in, for example, heavy-duty engineering, which can have heavy loads, shaft deflection, and misalignment.   Eric Bearing Ltd have different type of INA bearings , If interested , pls contact us freely


To distinguish the quality of INA bearings, we usually proceed from the following aspects:

Whether the outer packaging is clear

Under normal circumstances, the brands produced by regular manufacturers have their own special designers to design the outer packaging, and arrange the factories with production conditions to pass the production. Therefore, the packaging of the product should be very clear from the line to the color block. unambiguous.

Whether the steel printing is clear

Each bearing product will have its brand name, label, etc. printed on the rolling bearing product body. Although the font is very small, the products produced by regular manufacturers are printed with steel stamping technology, and they are pressed before being heat-treated. Therefore, although the font is small, it is deep and very clear. In general, the fonts of counterfeit products are not only fuzzy, but because of the rough printing technology, the fonts float on the surface, and some can even be easily erased by hand or have serious hand marks.

Is there any noise

Hold the inner sleeve of the rolling bearing with your left hand, and turn the outer sleeve to rotate it with your right hand, and listen for any noise during the operation of the INA bearing. Due to the backward production conditions of most counterfeit products and completely manual workshop operation, impurities such as dust and sand will inevitably be mixed into the bearing body during the production process, so there will be noise or unsmooth operation when the bearing rotates . This is the key to judging whether the product is from a manufacturer’s brand product with strict production standards and machine operation.

Whether there is muddy oil on the surface

Whether there are muddy oil marks on the surface requires us to pay special attention when purchasing bearings. Because the current domestic rust prevention technology is still far from that of foreign advanced manufacturing countries, it is easy to leave thick oil marks when the bearing body is rust-proofed, and it feels sticky and thick when touched by hand, while foreign There is almost no trace of anti-rust oil on the original bearing. According to industry insiders, particularly attentive people can smell a special smell on INA bearings, which is the smell of anti-rust oil.

Whether the chamfer is even

The so-called chamfering of the bearing is the intersection of the horizontal and vertical surfaces. Due to the production technology limitations, counterfeit bearing products are not handled satisfactorily at these corners and corners. This can be easily identified.

For detailed information about individual bearing models, including product characteristics and design specifications, please refer to the relevant sections that introduce individual bearing models. Rolling bearing models not included in the table are usually only suitable for a few specific uses.