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Precautions for Installation of TIMKEN Bearings

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TIMKEN bearing protection measures

Bearings should be protected in the following ways: mineral oil-based rust inhibitors, dry-phase corrosion-inhibited VCI paper packaging, long-term storage for ocean transportation.

TIMKEN bearings should be kept in a dry and clean room with a constant temperature and a maximum relative humidity of 65%. The shelf life of grease-lubricated sealed bearings is limited by the storage life of grease.

1. Take out treatment

Sweat on the hands during operation will cause rust, so keep your hands clean and dry, and wear gloves if necessary. TIMKEN bearings can only be removed from the original packaging for cleaning before assembly.

If only a few sets of bearings are taken out of multiple packages sealed with volatile corrosion inhibitor paper, the package should be resealed immediately: the protective gas phase of the VCI paper can only be maintained in the closed package, TIMKEN removed Bearings should be immediately greased and oiled.

2. Compatibility and miscibility

The anti-rust oil for TIMKEN bearings can be compatible and mixed with lubricating oil and mineral oil-based grease. If used: thickeners other than synthetic lubricants and lithium-based composite soaps, their compatibility should be checked.

If it is incompatible, especially when used: polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFF) or cycloalkyl fluoroether-based lubricants or lubricants containing polyurea thickeners, or if the conversion lubricant or TIMKEN bearings are contaminated, Anti-rust oil should be cleaned before grease filling. TIMKEN 30307 bearings online , pls click here :

3. Cleaning

TIMKEN bearings must be dried after cleaning and immediately coated with anti-rust oil or grease to avoid corrosion.

4. Installation guide

(1) The assembly site should be kept as clean as possible and free of dust.

(2) To prevent TIMKEN bearings from being contaminated with dust, pollutants and moisture-pollutants have a bad influence on the operation and service life of TIMKEN bearings.

(3) Check the bearing seat hole and the matching surface on the shaft: geometric and dimensional accuracy and cleanliness.

(4) Apply a little oil or grease to the mating surface of the bearing ring.

(5) Make sure that there is a guide chamfer of 10 degrees to 15 degrees in the shaft and bearing housing holes.

(6) Do not overcool the bearing: Moisture generated by condensation can cause corrosion of the bearing and the mating surface of the bearing.

(7) After installation: Fill the bearing with lubricant and check whether the bearing configuration is operating normally.

5. Disassembly guide

In the original design of the bearing installation part, the disassembly problem should be considered-if the bearing is installed with an interference fit, the shaft or the bearing seat hole should be provided with a disassembly groove to facilitate the removal of the ring. If the dismantled bearings are to be used again:

(1) Avoid directly hitting bearing rings,

(2) The disassembly force should not be transmitted through the body,

(3) Once the bearing is removed, it should be carefully cleaned and "violent" flames cannot be used.

How to deal with the scars when installing TIMKEN bearings

During the installation of TIMKEN bearings, if the installation method or method is improper, it will cause TIMKEN bearings to cause linear scars on the raceway surface and rolling surface of the bearing during the installation and removal of the TIMKEN bearing.

The cause of the scars is mainly because the inner and outer rings of the bearing are inclined when the TIMKEN bearing is installed and disassembled; or the impact load during the installation and disassembly. As a result, TIMKEN bearings have scars.

Therefore, in order to avoid TIMKEN bearing scars, in addition to using appropriate tools during installation or disassembly, a punching machine is also used to prevent impact loads on the TIMKEN bearing, and attention must be paid to mutual centering during installation.

TIMKEN bearings should pay attention to the inspection after installation

The installation method of TIMKEN bearing is generally the case of shaft rotation, so the cooperation between the inner ring and the shaft is a win-win cooperation, and the cooperation between the outer ring of TIMKEN bearing and the TIMKEN bearing chamber is a clearance fit.

When installing TIMKEN bearings, the perpendicularity of the shaft ring and shaft centerline should be checked. The method is to fix the dial indicator on the end surface of the box shell, so that the contact of the watch is on the TIMKEN bearing shaft raceway while rotating the TIMKEN bearing, while observing the pointer of the dial indicator. vertical.

When the case hole is deep, you can also use the extended dial gauge to check.

When the TIMKEN bearing is installed correctly, its seat ring can automatically adapt to the rolling of the rolling body to ensure that the rolling body is located in the upper and lower ring raceways.

If it is reversed, not only does the TIMKEN bearing work abnormally, but also the mating surfaces will be severely worn. Since the difference between the shaft ring and the seat ring is not obvious, extreme care should be taken during assembly to avoid making mistakes.

In addition, there should be a gap of 0.2-0.5mm between the TIMKEN bearing seat ring and the TIMKEN imported bearing seat hole to compensate for errors caused by inaccurate parts processing and installation.

When the center of the TIMKEN bearing ring is offset during operation , This gap can ensure its automatic adjustment, avoid contact friction, and make it work normally. Otherwise, it will cause TIMKEN bearing severe damage.

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