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Maintenance Of INA Bearings

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Not all damaged bearings can be repaired, but for each damaged bearing, before considering repair or replacement of a new INA bearing, the cause and degree of damage must be evaluated to avoid or reduce further damage. There are many reasons for bearing damage, such as improper installation, dirt intrusion or water intrusion, etc. are common causes of early bearing damage.

For the periodic maintenance, operation and replacement of INA bearing equipment and the removal of the bearings removed during the replacement of peripheral parts, it is necessary to determine in turn whether the secondary bearing parts can be used again and record whether the operation status is good or bad. Bearings INA KR40 -PPA online , pls click here ERIC BEARING website to learn more

Secondly, check the raceway surface of the INA bearing, the condition of the rolling surface and the joint surface, and the wear and tear of the stand-off frame for damage and abnormal conditions. In particular, the running track of the raceway surface should be observed. To judge whether the bearing can be used again, it is necessary to consider the level of bearing damage, mechanical function, priority, operation premise, search and inspection cycle, etc. to make a decision later.

Search effect, if you find that INA bearings are damaged and abnormal, please identify the notice according to the phenomenon of bearing damage and formulate countermeasures. In addition, the search results, if there are the following defects, the bearing can no longer be used, the need to change to a new INA bearing.

1. INA bearing maintenance In order to maintain the original performance of the bearing in good condition for as long as possible, it must be maintained and repaired to prevent accidents before they occur, ensure the reliability of operation, and improve productivity and economy.The operation standards for maintaining the corresponding mechanical operating conditions are regularly performed. The contents include monitoring the running status, replenishing or replacing lubricant, and regular disassembly inspection. The maintenance items in operation include the rotation sound, vibration, temperature, lubricant state, etc. of the INA bearings.

2. Maintenance of INA bearings Cleaning of bearings: When disassembling the bearings for maintenance, first record the appearance of the bearings, confirm the remaining amount of lubricant, and after sampling the lubricant used for inspection, wash the INA bearings. As a cleaning agent, gasoline and kerosene are generally used.The cleaned INA bearings are divided into rough cleaning and fine cleaning, and put them in the container separately. Put the metal mesh pad first so that the bearing does not directly contact the dirt of the container. During rough cleaning, if the INA bearing is rotated with dirt, the rolling surface of the INA bearing will be damaged, so care should be taken. In the coarse cleaning oil, use a brush to remove grease and adhesions. After it is roughly clean, transfer to fine washing.Fine washing is to carefully clean the INA bearings while rotating in the cleaning oil. In addition, the cleaning oil should also be kept clean.

3. Maintenance and Judgment of INA Bearing In order to judge whether the disassembled bearing can be used, it should be checked after the bearing is cleaned. Check the condition of the raceway surface, rolling surface, and mating surface, the wear of the cage, the increase in the clearance of the INA bearing, and any damage or irrelevant dimensional accuracy reduction. For non-separable small ball bearings, use one hand to support the inner ring horizontally, and rotate the outer ring to check whether it is smooth.Separate bearings such as tapered roller bearings can be inspected separately for the rolling elements and the raceway surfaces of the outer ring.

Since large INA bearings cannot be rotated by hand, pay attention to check the appearance of rolling elements, raceway surfaces, cages, rib surfaces, etc. The higher the importance of INA bearings, the more careful inspection is required. If you are looking for INA products , ERIC BEARING LTD can let you enjoy one-stop shopping experience