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KOYO Bearing Overheating Precautions And Solutions

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 Although the quality of KOYO bearings and other aspects are relatively good, rolling bearings are precision components, and their use must be performed accordingly. No matter how high-performance bearings are used, if they are not used properly, they will not get the expected high performance.


There are several notes about the use of bearings 

1.Keep bearings and their surroundings clean

Even small dust that cannot be seen by the eyes can have a bad effect on the bearings. Therefore, keep the surroundings clean so that dust does not enter the bearings.

2.Use with care.

When the bearing is strongly impacted during use, it will cause scars and indentations, which will cause the accident. In severe cases, cracks and breaks may occur, so care must be taken. 

3.Use appropriate operating tools.

Avoid using existing tools instead, you must use appropriate tools.

4.Pay attention to bearing corrosion.

When operating KOYO bearings, sweat on your hands can cause rust. Pay attention to the operation with clean hands, it is best to wear gloves as much as possible.

 What conditions will cause the bearing to overheat?

1. During installation or inspection, whether the pump shaft and the motor shaft are concentric, and the pump shaft and the motor shaft are not concentric, causing shock and bearing overheating.

2. KOYO bearings are damaged and overheated. Replace with new bearings.

3. Packing aging, scratching the bushing and generating overheat transfer heat affects the bearing fever.

4. The bearing lubricant is not added properly. Too much or too little will overheat the bearing.

5. Multi-stage pump bearing transparent oil lubricant added too little or leakage will make the bearing overheat.

6. The lubricating oil in the oil tank deteriorates or enters the water, which can also cause the bearing to overheat.

7. The amount of bearing cooling water is insufficient or intermittent, which makes KOYO bearings overheat.

8. The multi-stage pump gas erosion makes the pump body and bearings overheat.