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Bearing maintenance

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Bearing maintenance is very necessary

In order to give full play to the bearing and maintain its due performance for a long time, it is necessary to do regular maintenance. Through appropriate regular inspections, it is very important to improve productivity and economy to detect faults early and prevent accidents before they occur.

What are the methods or steps to carry out effective maintenance of bearings?


When disassembling the bearing for inspection, first make a record of the appearance with photography or other methods. In addition, confirm the amount of remaining lubricant and sample the lubricant before cleaning the bearing.

The cleaning of the bearing is divided into rough cleaning and fine cleaning, and a metal grid can be placed at the bottom of the container in use. For rough washing, use a brush to remove grease or adhesions in oil. If the bearing is rotated in oil at this time, be careful that the rolling surface may be damaged by foreign matter. Slowly rotate the bearing in oil during fine washing and proceed carefully. Commonly used cleaning agents are neutral non-water-containing diesel or kerosene, and mild alkaline liquids are sometimes used as needed. But no matter what kind of cleaning agent is used, it must be filtered frequently to keep it clean. After cleaning, immediately apply anti-rust oil or anti-rust grease on the bearing.

2.Inspection and judgment

In order to judge whether the removed bearing can be reused, it is necessary to check its dimensional accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance, mating surface, raceway surface, cage and sealing ring. Regarding the inspection results, it can be judged by those who use inertial bearings or those who are proficient in bearings. Judgment criteria vary according to mechanical performance and importance, inspection cycle, etc. If the following damage occurs, the bearing must not be reused and must be replaced. SKF 22328 CC/W33 bearings online, pls click here :

3.Adjustment of bearing axial clearance

The axial clearance inside the bearing can be achieved by moving the axial position of the outer ring.

Adjusting shim method

Fill a set of soft material (soft steel or elastic paper) gaskets between the bearing end cover and the end face of the bearing seat; when adjusting, first install the bearing end cover without placing the gasket, and tighten the bearing end cover evenly on the same side. Screw, while turning the shaft by hand, until the bearing rolling element is in contact with the outer ring and there is no gap inside the shaft; at this time, measure the gap between the bearing end cover and the end face of the bearing seat, plus the shaft required for normal operation of the bearing Toward the gap; this is the total thickness of the gasket to be filled, and then fill the prepared gasket between the bearing end cover and the end face of the bearing seat, and finally tighten the screws.

Adjusting bolt method

Press the pressure ring on the outer ring of the bearing and use the adjusting bolt to pressurize; before the pressure adjustment, first measure the pitch of the adjusting bolt, and then slowly tighten the adjusting bolt until there is no gap in the bearing, and then calculate the adjustment The corresponding rotation angle of the bolt.

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