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Analysis of TIMKEN Bearing Damage

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Long-term use of TIMKEN bearings will inevitably cause some problems. When using bearings, attention should be paid to the inspection and maintenance of the bearings. Bearing problems should be dealt with immediately to avoid delaying normal work.

There are two common problems in TIMKEN bearings: bearing running noise and bearing equipment temperature is too high. Imported bearings have good working noise during operation. If the noise is too high or abnormal or impact noise, the bearing has shortcomings. The common shortcoming of the correct use of bearings and imported bearings is the complex cause of noise. First, the mating surfaces of the inner and outer rings of the bearing wear. Due to this wear, the bearings and housing, bearing and shaft joints are damaged, and the high-speed movement of the shaft deviates from the correct direction, resulting in abnormal noise. When the bearing is fatigued, the metal on its surface falls off, and the radial clearance of the bearing increases abnormally. Otherwise, insufficient lubrication of TIMKEN bearings will cause abnormal movements such as dry friction and bearing breakage. After the bearing is worn and loose, the cage will be damaged and loose and will also produce abnormal noise. TIMKEN 22207 EJW33 bearings online , pls kindly contact us .

When the bearing temperature is too high in the running arrangement,the bearing part of the equipment is allowed to have a certain temperature. When touching the housing by hand, the joint should not feel normal, otherwise it should indicate that the bearing temperature is too high. The reason for the high bearing temperature: the quality of the lubricant does not meet the requirements or deterioration, the viscosity of the lubricant is too high, the equipment layout is too tight, the bearing equipment is too tight, and the bearing seat ring changes on the shaft or housing. The bearing seat ring changes on the shaft or shell, and the TIMKEN bearing seat ring changes on the shaft or shell. Bearing overload, bearing cage or roller breakage, etc.

If the bearing is damaged due to disassembly inspection,the problem and cause of the damage can be judged according to the damage of the bearing. The imported bearing raceway and roller body are tempered. Burns are usually caused by insufficient lubrication, unqualified or deteriorated lubricants, and excessive bearing equipment. The crack of the bearing seat ring may be caused by the tight fit of the TIMKEN bearing, the loosening of the inner and outer rings, the deformation of the bearing seat, and the uneven processing of the bearing surface of the equipment.

Cage breakage is caused by lack of lubrication,roller breakage,seat ring skew,etc. Severe wear of the seat race may be caused by foreign objects falling into the seat ring, insufficient lubricant, or an improper lubricant trademark. The uneven contact surface between the plastic deformed bearing raceway and the roller indicates that the imported bearing has undergone plastic deformation. The reason is that under a large static load or impact load, part of the stress on the working surface exceeds the yield limit of the material, which usually occurs on TIMKEN bearings with lower speeds.

Judgment during cleaning inspection of TIMKEN bearings

TIMKEN bearing seat and sealing plan and slippery rules are the crux of the application of the roller press. Here, we help you judge bearing equipment, slippery and maintenance methods, and methods necessary to control unplanned downtime and keep the roller press more productive.

Exposure to heavy loads, striking loads, oscillations, and other premises will lead to a series of shafting errors in mining and cement equipment. The self-aligning bearing system supplies a variety of proven solutions to a series of mine and factory equipment.

In the traditional solid-end and floating-end bearing equipment, TIMKEN bearings are commonly used in these two parts. Although this type of equipment can compensate for shaft errors, it does not allow sufficient axial movement. In order to allow sufficient axial movement, non-locating bearings must be able to move with the shaft without igniting beneficial external axial loads. Toroidal roller bearings supply this axial movement.

A toroidal roller bearing that brings together the strengths of TIMKEN bearings, cylindrical and needle bearings. The rollers in the toroidal roller bearings are not affected by the movement of the shaft and can always find a good position to carry the load.

When inspecting the disassembled imported bearings, first record the bearing surface, confirm the lubricant residue, and clean the imported bearings after sampling. Detergents are widely used in gasoline and kerosene.

Imported cleaning is divided into rough washing and rough washing. The metal mesh is first placed in the container to prevent TIMKEN bearings from indirectly treating the dirt in the container. If the bearing is deformed by dirt during the rough cleaning process, it will damage the rotating surface of the intake bearing and should be paid attention to. In crude oil, brush grease and adhesives. After cleaning, the cleaning effect is good.

Fine cleaning is to rotate the imported bearing in the cleaning oil and carefully clean it. In addition, the washing oil should be changed frequently to keep it clean.

In order to determine whether the disassembled can last longer, consider the raceway surface, rotating surface and common surface conditions, rod frame wear environment, TIMKEN bearing clearance increase and reduce damage to the bearing. Dimensional accuracy after washing. Inseparable small ball bearings, etc., then check the outer ring with the inner ring with one hand.

TIMKEN bearing correct equipment and reasonable flatness

How to choose different types and sizes of imported bearings. In order to make the mechanical equipment play its expected function, it is very important to choose the appropriate imported TIMKEN bearings. In order to choose imported bearings, many factors need to be analyzed. The selection process of imported bearings was studied and evaluated from multiple angles. There are no special standards. Query 39 bearings meshing bearings. But the general order is as follows:

Master the use of mechanical equipment and imported bearings, clarify the requirements of imported bearings, choose the type of imported bearings, the method of selecting imported bearing equipment, the size of imported bearings, and the standards of imported bearings. And choose the installation method of imported bearings.

The use conditions and environment of imported bearings, the correct position, use conditions and environment of imported bearings in mechanical equipment are the conditions for choosing the right imported bearings. To this end, we need to obtain data and information from the following aspects:

Function and structure of mechanical equipment, applied parts of imported bearings, load, speed, vibration and shock of imported bearings, temperature and ambient air of imported bearings. The correct use of imported TIMKEN bearings is a reliable guarantee to reduce the shortcomings of imported bearings and extend the service life of imported bearings. Its content includes correct equipment and reasonable flatness. Secondly, the application requirements of imported bearings are introduced.

For the disassembly and assembly of imported bearings, the imported bearing devices should be cleaned. When installing the device, use special tools to evenly press in the auxiliary bearings. Do not use hammers, especially to prevent direct knocking on imported bearings. When the imported bearing seat ring and hole are loose, the seat hole should be corrected or the imported bearing should be replaced. The imported TIMKEN bearing mating surface has no pitting corrosion and copper pads. When disassembling the imported bearing, the imported bearing should be pulled out with a suitable pull tool, and the imported bearing must not be hit with a chisel, hammer, etc.

Imported TIMKEN bearing lubricating oil, lubricating oil and grease are commonly used in imported bearings. When the peripheral speed of the axle is less than 4-5m / s, or the vehicle cannot use smooth and greasy parts, smooth and greasy parts should be selected. Grease has the advantages of simple sealing structure, not easy to be lost, and is not affected by temperature. It takes a long time to add smooth grease.

Lubricating oil has the advantages of low friction resistance and good heat dissipation. Mainly used for high-speed, high-temperature imported bearings. The trademark of lubricating oil should be selected according to the requirements of the vehicle manual, and replaced in time with the maintenance period of the vehicle. After the old oil is released, the cleaning mechanism should be cleaned and new oil added. The packing should be regularly marked or aligned with the filler opening.

The application of smooth grease should pay attention to two issues. First of all, according to the vehicle specifications, select the appropriate grease brand. For example, due to poor water resistance of imported bearings of automobile pumps, nm grease is not suitable. Secondly, the grease of imported TIMKEN bearings should be appropriate. In general, it is appropriate to fill only 1 / 2-l / 3 of the inlet bearing chamber. Too much is not only useless, but also increases the working resistance of imported bearings, making it warm up and heat. Imported automobile hub bearings should pay special attention to start "empty hub polishing", that is, imported bearings can only be coated with appropriate polishing grease, otherwise it will not only damage and heat dissipation, but also make the grease overflow.

TIMKEN bearing raceway noise and its control method

TIMKEN bearing raceway noise and its control method. The sound of the raceway is the continuous sliding sound of the rolling surface of the rolling element, which is the basic sound unique to all rolling mill bearings. The general bearing sound is the raceway sound plus other sounds. The noise of the ball bearing is irregular, the frequency is greater than 1000, and its main frequency does not change with speed, but its total sound pressure level increases with speed.

You can't look down on it without looking at it. It can't look down on it. It is equivalent to the joints of people. The quality and development of TIMKEN bearings are of great significance to the development of the national automobile industry. If the bearing is good or not, it determines the performance of the car, that is, it affects the sales of the car, so the bearing is also one of the economic lifelines of the country's development.

Such small cracks will cause greater damage to our bearings, which is very important. We must pay attention to the cleaning of TIMKEN bearings, which is very important for the analysis of bearing experts and mechanical operation. We have noticed that this will bring us benefits, which will make the life of our bearings longer and longer. Another point to note is that in the process of using bearing experts for analysis and mechanical operation, the bearings must be lubricated, which is also very important.