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Why Do We Need To Do Daily Cleaning Of SKF Bearings ?

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Due to the relative movement of SKF bearings and raceways and the intrusion of pollutant dust, the surfaces of SKF bearings and raceways are worn. When the amount of wear is large, SKF bearings, noise, and vibration increase, which reduces the running accuracy of SKF bearings, which directly affects the accuracy of some hosts. Therefore, for some SKF bearings used in silent machinery , daily cleaning is mainly to prevent the intrusion of pollutants and dust.  SKF 32208J2/Q bearings online , pls click here :


Effect of daily cleaning on SKF bearing life

SKF bearing cleanliness of the needle SKF affect bearing life considerably, SKF Bearings has been carrying out a special test, the result is the difference of even several times over. The higher the cleanliness of SKF bearings, the longer the life. The tests of others showed that the lubricants of different cleanliness have a great influence on the life of ball SKF bearings. Therefore, improving the cleanliness of the lubricating oil can extend the life of the skf bearing. In addition, if the lubricating particles in the lubricating oil are controlled below 10um , the life of the skf bearing also increases several times.

Effect of daily cleaning on vibration and noise

The test results of the SKF bearing test center show that the cleanliness seriously affects the vibration level of SKF bearings, especially the high frequency band vibration is more significant. The cleanliness of SKF bearings has low vibration speed values, especially in the high frequency band. The effects of dust on the needle roller SKF bearing grease on noise have been tested, and the more dust, the greater the noise.

Effect on lubrication performance

The decrease in the cleanliness of SKF bearings not only affects the formation of lubricating oil films, but also causes the deterioration of the grease and accelerates its aging, thereby affecting the decrease in the lubricating performance of the grease. 

How to do the sealing treatment of SKF bearings ?

In order to enable SKF bearings to work in a good lubrication and normal environment, give full play to the performance of SKF bearings in work and prolong the service life of SKF bearings, so the rolling SKF bearings must be properly sealed to avoid leakage or Other impurities such as dust and impurities enter. 

SKF bearing seals can be divided into two types: self-sealing and outer sealing. The so-called SKF bearings self-sealing, refers SKF bearing sealing performance of the device itself becomes . As with the dust cover SKF bearings, seals and the like. Such a seal takes up very little space, is easy to install and remove, and has a relatively low cost.

SKF bearing non-contact seal

Non-contact seal refers to a seal that does not contact its related moving parts and has an appropriate gap. This type of seal has little frictional heat and no wear during operation, and is particularly suitable for high-speed and high-temperature occasions. Non-contact seals are often used in various structural forms, such as gap type, labyrinth type and gasket type, suitable for different occasions. The gap of the non-contact seal should be as small as possible. SKF 6004-2Z bearings online , pls click here : 

SKF bearing contact seal

A contact seal is a seal that comes into contact with relevant moving parts without gaps. Due to the direct contact between the seal and the joint, the seal has greater friction and heat generation during operation, which is likely to cause poor lubrication of the contact surface and friction damage, resulting in reduced sealing effect and performance.

1、Identification by SKF bearing sound

Recognition by voice requires extensive experience. Must be fully trained to be able to recognize SKF bearing sounds and non- SKF bearing sounds. To this end, this work should be carried out by dedicated personnel. The sound of the SKF bearing can be clearly heard by attaching a listening device or a sound stick to the casing .

2、Identification by SKF bearing operating temperature

This method is a comparative identification method and is limited to applications where the operating status does not change much. For this, continuous temperature recording must be performed. When a fault occurs, not only will the temperature rise, but irregular changes will also occur. This method is suitable for use with the voice recognition method.

3、Identify by SKF bearing lubricant status

4、Sampling and analysis of lubricants

Judgment is based on the degree of contamination and whether foreign matter or metal powder is mixed. This method is particularly effective for SKF bearings or large SKF bearings that cannot be viewed close . 

Before SKF bearings leave the factory, in order to protect the surface of the raceway and rolling elements from corrosion, anti-rust oil or grease is injected between the raceway and rolling elements. The bearing is an assembly that supports the rotation of the shaft, and its rings and rolling elements are precision processed. Therefore, SKF bearings must be cleaned before installation. 

The standard products provided by SKF include more than 20,000 types of bearings. In addition to rolling bearings, SKF Group also manufactures linear bearings, sliding bearings, bearing boxes, balls and roller screws, textile machinery parts, retaining rings, machine tools and various precision machinery parts. Gaining extensive experience in the above fields, he has the indispensable knowledge and expertise to develop, manufacture and apply various advanced engineering products.

The small ones, such as miniature bearings weighing only 0.003 grams, can be as large as 34 tons each. In addition, SKF also provides a series of bearing repair tools, grease and bearing monitoring instruments ( SKF bearing heaters, pullers, etc.), so as to enable bearing users to obtain higher benefits and achieve worry-free operation.