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Wear Reasons and Repair Methods of Reducer Bearing Seat

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With the increasing application of bearings, the wear of reducer bearing block has always been a big problem for equipment managers in modern enterprises. According to different situations, the bearing pedestal will be worn to varying degrees, and the repair methods will be different. This is the key of this article: the reason for bearing seat wear and the repair method. 

Bearing pedestal generally refers to the space for bearing installation. The machining accuracy is usually high. Fix the outer ring of bearing, only let the inner circle rotate, keep the outer ring stationary, keep consistent with the direction of transmission (such as the direction of motor operation), and keep balance.

  Wear reasons of bearing seat

Wear is the most common problem of bearing pedestal. The purpose of taking pedestal wear is mainly caused by the metal characteristics used to make the shaft. Although the metal has good hardness, it has weak impact resistance, can not be recovered after deformation, and has weak fatigue resistance. Therefore, it is easy to cause fatigue wear of the equipment, such as bearing pedestal wear, shaft headwear, journal wear, shaft sleeve dress, and most of the shaft wear. It's not easy to be found. When people find out, it often causes an increase in the jumping range or noise of the machine. In severe cases, it causes the engine to stop.

  Repair methods of bearing seat

Given the problem of bearing seat wear repair, most of the enterprises have been using traditional welding, brush plating, spraying, and other repair processes. These conventional processes do help equipment managers to solve many equipment problems in a period, but with the improvement of modern production and operation and maintenance requirements, these traditional bearing pedestal wear repair processes are limited by complex construction conditions and site environment, especially in the face of some sudden emergency, colossal equipment, complicated disassembly, and other equipment problems Some techniques are more than enough. Therefore, in the modern industrial environment, carbon nano polymer material technology has been 

In the face of specific cases, how to repair the wear of bearing seat? The following steps are available for 

1. Disassemble and inspect the gearbox parts, and confirm the wear status and amount of each bearing 

2. Surface treatment: firstly, bake the bearing seat with oxygen-acetylene flame, then polish the bearing seat to be repaired with a grinder, and then clean the polished bearing seat surface with anhydrous 

3. Mix Solay carbon nano polymer materials in proportion, and then apply the mixed materials to the repair part, and scrape along the reference plane with a knife-edge ruler to form;

4. Heat curing;

5. Grind the repaired bearing seat with new bearing to show the point and remove the high end;

6. The inner surface of the bearing seat shall be coated with materials for the second time, and the outer ring of the bearing shall be covered with Soleil carbon SD7000 release agent;

Reassemble the gear shaft and other parts of each layer and the gearbox, and start the machine for operation.

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