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We can't do without bearings

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Bearings are widely used in life. There are many bearings in life, but we have not paid attention to them. Bearings are essential parts of machinery and equipment. They are also used in soymilk machines and washing machines in daily life. Anything that needs to be rotated can be used; for example, wheels, from high-end toy cars to bicycles, motorcycles, and automobiles can use ball bearings; there are rotors like drones; electric fans, Exhaust Fans, range hoods, and air conditioners are also available. Washing machines, dryers, blenders, and soymilk machines too!


Compared with other machinery, the bearing is a small part, but it plays a pivotal role. It is mainly used to fix and reduce the load friction coefficient during mechanical transmission. When other parts move relative to each other on the shaft, the bearing can be used to reduce the friction coefficient during power transmission and keep the shaft center position fixed.

According to the different friction properties of moving elements, bearings can be divided into rolling bearings and plain bearings. According to the various functions, designs, and functions of bearings, there are many types of bearings, including needle roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, thrust bearings, plain spherical bearings, block bearings Bearings, rolling mill bearings, etc. Different bearings have different functions and have played an essential role in various mechanical equipment.

A complete bearing designation consists of a primary name plus one or more additional appointments. The underlying code is used to indicate the type of bearing, the basic design of the bearing, and the dimensions of the bearing. The supplementary system refers to a component of the bearing, which has a different structure from the basic design or has other characteristics. The usefulness of bearings in life is valuable.


High-quality bearings are often developed and produced by top bearing manufacturers. The quality of the bearings directly determines the quality and service life of the mechanical equipment. At present, the types and types of bearings produced by the world-renowned top bearing manufacturers are wealthy, and they can meet the needs of all mechanical products on the planet.

Top bearing manufacturers have specialized bearing distributors in different regions of each country. If you want to buy bearings or find more discount bearings, you must contact these professional bearing distributors. Eric bearing Limited has established partnerships with many bearing distributors. These bearing distributors have authorized world-renowned manufacturers, such as Swedish SKF bearings, German FAG, and INA bearings, Japanese NSK bearings, Japanese NTN bearings, Japanese IKO bearings, Japanese KOYO. Bearings, NACHI bearings from Japan, and TIMKEN bearings from the United States. Compared with other competitors, our prices are more competitive, and we have set up multiple branch warehouses in Hong Kong Freeport.

We have a rich inventory, and we can ensure that customers can receive the goods by courier or air freight within five days. From the beginning of the company to 2019, our company has been sold to the United States, Spain, Germany, Australia, Israel, India, and other countries. We provide not only high-quality customized bearings but also offer excellent services to ensure product quality. Our company has a professional quality inspection program, established a special quality inspection department, added contour, and roughness tester, microhardness tester, bearing life tester, and other equipment.

Our goal is to continuously provide our customers with quality products and continue to improve the services we provide. In the future, to develop into the world's largest bearing distributor, Eric bearing Limited will continue its unremitting efforts and talents, and strive to provide each customer with efficient bearings and high-quality services.