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Two Vital Points You must Know when Using KOYO Bearing

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In industrial production, the application of Koyo bearing is pervasive, and the following problems are related to the use of bearing. This not only refers to the use, maintenance, and repair of bearings but also needs to learn some knowledge to assist, including the Torrington needle roller bearing and metric ball bearing.

  Torrington (TWB) needle bearings

TWB bearing brand was founded in 1996. In 1996, Torrington, a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand Group, a world top 500 enterprise from the United States, established Wuxi Torrington Bearing Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with Wuxi bearing factory of China, which was operated and managed by Torrington company. As a result, TWB bearing brand was born, i.e., Torrington Wuxi bearings. In 2003, Timken acquired Torrington bearing company worldwide and completed the third annexation and seventh transaction in the world. In the following year, Wuxi Torrington Bearing Co., Ltd. in China became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Timken Company and was renamed Timken (Wuxi) Bearing Co., Ltd. TWB bearing brand continued to grow, but it has been Timken Wuxi bearings. In 2008, to adapt to the global strategy of Timken, the Timken Hong Kong investment company established Jiangsu disable Bearing Co., Ltd. to independently operate TWB bearing brand. Therefore, strictly speaking, the TWB bearing brand belongs to Timken.

The characteristics of its needle roller bearing are: it can bear more massive radial load, generally can not bear significant axial load. Small running resistance and high limit speed. It can achieve high rotation accuracy and quite a low vibration level. High requirements for installation conditions, when the inner ring axis and outer ring axis tilt more than 2 '~ 4', it will seriously affect the bearing capacity and reduce the service life.

However, Koyo needle roller bearing is different from it. It has two basic designs: full complement and cage type. Full load bearing can bear high radial load capacity; cage bearing provides high speed and maximum lubricant retention capacity. At the same time, the radial needle roller and cage assembly in the Koyo needle roller bearing has a steel cage, which can provide internal and external retention force for the needle roller, with dimensions ranging from 3 mm to 165 mm (0.1181 - 6.4961 inch).

These designs provide the maximum cage strength consistent with the high constant load inherent in needle roller bearings. These bearings can be operated at high speed by precisely guiding the needle rollers with the cage rod. Also, there are needle roller and cage components, using molded single piece glass fiber reinforced engineering polymer cage. The needle roller and cage assembly are made of one or two rows of needle rollers.

  Metric ball bearings

Everyone who is learning about the Koyo bearing will almost encounter such a problem. Virtually any kind of bearing will have an English and metric problem, so what's the difference between them?

The simple understanding is that the British system bearing is a British made bearing which supports the mechanical rotating body and reduces the friction coefficient in the process of its movement. It uses the British system units to express the external dimension and tolerance of the bearing, which is used primarily for those British system size devices. Metric bearing also is known as metric bearing, as the name implies, is to use meters, decimeters, centimeters as a unit of measurement.

Taking the Koyo ball bearing as an example, the structure, assembly size accuracy, and rotation accuracy of metric ball bearing and British ball bearing are different, and the specific size depends on different models. Also, their application scope is different. English ball bearing is suitable for all kinds of industrial machines and small rotary machines of English size. In contrast, the metric ball bearing is mostly used in imported machinery or industries with special needs.

Through the analysis and comparison of the two kinds of bearings and the Koyo bearings, we can have a deeper understanding of the latter. Through this comparison, we can use the Koyo bearings better.