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Two Main Points of Using IKO Bearing

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IKO bearing is a professional bearing manufacturer with a history of more than 50 years, specializing in the production of a needle bearing and linear guide rail. It enjoys a high reputation all over the world. It is the manufacturer with the most extended history, the complete varieties, and the highest level of specialization in the production of needle bearing in Japan. The four-row cylindrical roller heavy-duty guide rail created by IKO Kafa is famous in the world. Therefore, the most remarkable IKO bearing is a needle roller bearing.

IKO needle roller bearing is a rotating bearing with a slender needle roller. Compared with ball bearing, needle roller bearing has the characteristics of low cross-section and high load capacity. The use of needle roller bearing can contribute to the simplification and space-saving of the whole machine. It is widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, printing machines, industrial robots, construction equipment, and other industries.

   How to judge IKO bearing life

The service life of IKO imported bearings can not accurately evaluate the service life of bearings in all applications, so some new service life evaluation methods are proposed for some service conditions, such as noise life, lubrication life, and accuracy life.

Fatigue life: during the operation of rolling bearing, it bears the particular load, even static pressure, but for steel ball and raceway, its stress is cyclic, and rolling fatigue will occur on the material so that the bearing can reach its life. The phenomenon is that a part of the rolling surface material suddenly falls off like a fish scale, which is called fatigue peeling.

Noise life: for bearings of household appliances, IKO imported bearings bear the minimal load and have a long life. However, after a period of running, the shaft will also produce wear, vibration noise, grease deterioration, etc. Because of the strict requirements of the sound of the bearings in household appliances, when the noise of the bearings exceeds the allowable range, it is considered that the bearings can no longer be used. The total running time of low noise bearing is called bearing noise life.

Lubrication life: Bearings for household appliances are usually sealed with maintenance-free grease lubrication. Although only a small amount of lubricant is needed for bearing lubrication, the bearing lubrication is reduced due to the deterioration and leakage of lubricating grease after a long time of operation, which makes the bearing invalid. The total running time of the bearing under the condition of proper lubrication is called bearing life.

   How to judge and deal with bearing faults

It is common for IKO bearings to show flaws during operation, so it is not surprising.

   1. Taking temperature is too high

When the mechanism is running, a specific temperature is allowed at the place where the bearing is installed. When touching the mechanism shell by hand, it is reasonable not to feel scalding. On the contrary, it indicates that the temperature of the cam bearing is too high.

The high-temperature end of the bearing includes: the quality of the lubricating oil is unqualified or deteriorated, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is too high; the mechanism assembly is too tight (the gap is not enough); the IKO bearing assembly is too fast; the bearing race rotates on the shaft or in the shell; the load is too large; the cam bearing maintenance frame or the Gulu body is broken, etc.

   2. Bearing noise

It is allowed to have a small running sound in the office of Gulu bearing. If the music is too loud or there is abnormal noise or impact sound, it indicates that the bearing is faulty.

The end of the noise of Gulu bearing is very complicated. One is that the inner and outer rings of the bearing are correctly worn. Because of this kind of wear, the proper relationship between IKO bearing and shell, bearing, and the shaft is damaged, resulting in the accurate position of the axis away from the main road, and abnormal noise occurs when the shaft moves at high speed. When the bearing is tired, the metal on its surface will peel off, which will increase the radial clearance of the bearing and generate abnormal noise. Also, the bearing lubricating oil is not enough, forming dry friction, as well as bearing crushing, etc. will produce strange sound. When the cam bearing is worn and loose, the maintenance frame will be free and damaged, and the bearing will be destroyed with abnormal noise. When the Gulu bearing is disassembled and inspected, the bearing failure and failure cause can be judged according to the damage condition of the bearing.

In addition to these two points, the troubleshooting measures of IKO bearing still need a practical operation. It is a better way to seek experience from relevant professionals.