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Timken serves the market

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Timken cooperates extensively with clients in diverse markets around the world. From wind farms in the north sea to lorries across the Sahara, Timken has used expertise and innovation to bring a real market advantage.




Timken tapered roller bearings support the efforts of farmers and equipment manufacturers to solve the world's food problems. Timken provides them with high-performance products and services that extend the life of the equipment and improve efficiency.

The car

Timken associates with global automotive leaders to develop innovative technologies to balance power performance with efficiency. Timken provides support to professional technicians and installers through authorized distributors.

Civil aviation

Timken bearings associate commercial and general aviation markets in search of new ideas. We supply sophisticated OEM components to the world's leading airlines while utilizing our expertise to provide aircraft bearing repair to the active fleet.

Commercial vehicles

Timken provides high-capacity aftermarket products to commercial automakers, assemblers, mid-size truck owners and operators.


Heavy equipment plays an essential role in building the future. We support builders by designing and manufacturing running machinery to optimize maintenance intervals.


Timken bearings work with manufacturers, owners, and operators to expand their thinking and develop new technologies. We are working together to meet the world's growing energy needs and to address the long-term reliability and economic viability of natural resources.


Industrial machinery

Industrial machinery operators use Timken's technical knowledge to improve their products. From sophisticated robots to sophisticated material handling systems, Timken helps its customers succeed.


From high temperatures to pollution, Timken is familiar with the extreme conditions of rolling and casting machines. With extensive expertise in metallurgical and mechanical systems, Timken can provide products capable of handling these harsh conditions and operating reliably.


Timken tapered roller bearings help mining operators achieve common performance goals: maximize uptime, reduce maintenance and replacement costs, and increase productivity.

Outdoor electrical equipment

The company provides mechanical components to makers of consumer electrical equipment, including hand-held tools, commercial lawn mowers, and high-performance sport-utility vehicles such as snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).


Timken helps the railway industry maintain a steady performance by working with builders, owners, and operators to maximize the reliability and efficiency of locomotives and rolling stock.

Shield machine

Timken® bearings have been used in shield construction for over 60 years. Whether hard or soft rock geology, we can help shield tunneling more durable, more efficient.