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Timken TCP Couplings will be active in more large trucks, helping Yishan Artifact record innovation

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The world's large trucks will never appear on the highway. They are hidden in the mines, focusing on super-heavy transportation 24 hours a day. The stronger the carrying capacity of the mining truck, the faster the mining speed, and the higher the productivity of the mine. For these mountain-moving artifacts, high-horsepower engines are necessary, but not the most important. Large torque, and continue to amplify and efficiently transmit it to the wheels, is the essence of their power transmission technology.

Torsion Control Products (TCP), a subsidiary of Timken, specializes in custom-made spring couplings, torque limiters and torque converter lock couplings for large, high-horsepower equipment. Therefore, AllisonTransmission approached TCP, hoping to help them redesign the torque converter for a confidential project in order to solve the difficult situation. Brett Carpenter, vice president of TCP engineering, said that this application requirement is not the most difficult we have seen, but the design process is still very difficult. We know nothing about the end use and can only design around the spatial structure of the Allison drive. We didn't know its purpose until the coupling had been tested.

In fact, this secret application is Volvo’s A60H articulated mining truck. This truck has 630 horsepower and a payload of 60 tons, which is about the weight of 19 African savannah female elephants. It is designed to not affect power. Or provide excellent fuel economy under the premise of performance.

Between the six-cylinder Volvo engine and the fully automatic Allison transmission, there is a torque converter with a built-in lock-up function, which helps extend transmission life and improve fuel efficiency. The TCP coupling is integrated in the torque converter and provides torsional vibration compliance in locked mode. Click on the video to watch how A60H works:

With the launch of the original A60H truck in 2016, TCP began to receive more and more torque converter replacement needs. Bratt said: "Almost all designs and applications in this field have our efforts. This satisfaction and reputation will further promote our future business development.

Provide rebuild and repair services to extend the life of mining trucks

"The usual working hours of mining trucks in the mine are 8,000 hours per year. We generally do the rebuild and repair of the coupling every three years." Brett introduced.

Caterpillar’s ? traditional model 797 series mining truck is another example of TCP products realizing after-sales business opportunities through the original installation business. The 797 series was first launched by Caterpillar in 1998. It was the largest transport truck on the market at the time and required approximately 3000 horsepower. To help achieve this goal, TCP engineers created a unique, repairable coupling with a service life of more than 20,000 hours to connect two 12-cylinder engines.  TIMKEN NA3780  bearings online , pls click  here :

Based on long-term successful experience, Caterpillar once again cooperated with TCP in the development of new articulated transport truck models. The cooperation with Caterpillar and Volvo is just a microcosm of the application of TCP products. In the future, TCP products will be active in more large-scale mining trucks, helping these mountain moving artifacts to create more new records.