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Three Necessary Knowledge You may Not Know of FAG Bearing

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Fag bearing is a famous brand in the bearing industry, which includes many kinds, such as roller bearing, ball bearing, thrust bearing, etc. But at the same time, this brand goes far beyond these contents. Next, we will talk about three points of knowledge about fag bearing.

  FAG split bearing

To understand the fag release bearing, we should first understand what the release bearing is. The release bearing usually refers to the clutch release bearing, which is commonly used in automobiles.

The clutch release bearings are installed between the clutchs and the transmissions, and the release bearing seat is loose sleeved on the tubular extension part of the first shaft bearing cover of the transfer. Through the return spring, the shoulder of the release bearing is always against the release fork, and retreats to the final position, maintaining a gap of about 3-4mm with the end (separation finger) of the release lever.

Because the clutch pressure plate and release lever run synchronously with the engine crankshaft, and the release fork can only move along the axial direction of the clutch output shaft, it is not possible to use the release fork to move the release lever directly. Through the release bearing, the release lever can walk along the axial direction of the clutch output shaft while rotating, thus ensuring the smooth engagement, soft separation and reducing the wear of the clutch, Extend the service life of the grip and the whole transmission system.

Fag bearing is affected by axial load, impact load, and radial centrifugal force when rotating at high speed. Also, because the fork thrust and the reaction force of the release lever are not in the same straight line, the torsional moment is formed. The working condition of clutch release bearing is poor. It rotates at high speed intermittently and bears high-speed friction. It has a high temperature, poor lubrication condition, and no cooling condition.

  FAG high-speed bearing

We usually call the rolling bearing whose DMN value is more than 1.0x106mm.r/min as a high-speed bearing. Here DM is the average diameter of the rolling bearing, n is the rotation speed of the inner ring. In practical application, the DMN value of high-speed imported bearing has reached 3.0x106mm.r/min. Therefore, we can know that the so-called high-speed bearing is just a kind of rolling bearing, and its related knowledge can refer to the rolling bearing.

  FAG ceramic bearing

Ceramic bearing is an essential mechanical foundation because of its excellent performance unmatched by metal bearing, high-temperature resistance, super strength, and so on, are the first in the new material world. In the past decade, it has been widely used in various fields of the national economy and people's livelihood.

The ceramic bearing has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, magnetoelectric insulation, oil-free self-lubrication, high speed, and so on. It can be used in an extremely harsh environment and special working conditions. It can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, navigation, petroleum, chemical industry, automobile, electronic equipment, metallurgy, electricity, textile, pumps, medical equipment, scientific research, national defense and military, and other fields. It is a high-tech product of new material applications.