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The Three Principles to extend of FAG Bearing Life

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Choose the FAG bearing model with high load capacity

FAG bearing selection should take into account the price of the bearing, or use a higher load capacity but more expensive FAG bearing, or use ordinary FAG bearing and try to extend its life. Use FAG bearings with high load capacity, such as cylindrical roller bearings with crown, spherical roller bearings with symmetrical rollers, reinforced tapered roller bearings and ball bearings, ball bearings with modified ball groove generatrix, or use The FAG bearings of the 70000CD series replace deep groove (single-row centripetal) ball bearings. These high-capacity FAG bearings may have higher fatigue life due to improved stress distribution or due to the larger number of rolling elements.  Bearings FAG 7312 B-TVP-UA online , pls click here 

Choose the right FAG bearing size

To make the FAG bearing size selected properly, the working load, speed and operating temperature of the FAG bearing must be accurately calculated or actually checked. The load has a great influence on FAG bearings, so although the load is the most difficult to measure, it must be measured as accurately as possible. When the load measurement is difficult, the actual power consumption of the motor can be measured. Calculate according to the transmission route and deduct the power loss along the way until the calculated FAG bearing load is closer to the actual. The calculated or measured load is too large, and the expected fatigue life of FAG bearings must be reduced to a greater extent and must be remedied. If the installation site permits, FAG bearings with a larger size can be selected; if the radial size is limited, wider FAG bearings should be selected if there are wider FAG bearings; Use FAG bearings with high load carrying capacity.

Choose the right FAG bearing material


The selection of FAG bearing materials must also take into account its price, and when vacuum smelting or electroslag remelted steel has to be used, it must be noted that the lubrication conditions must be perfected to increase the expected fatigue life of FAG bearings. Of course, the cost of FAG bearings made of such high-quality steel is much more expensive than that of FAG bearings with higher load capacity, but for FAG bearings that are difficult to access in the machine and difficult to assemble and disassemble, or operating machinery in mines and tunnels When using FAG bearings, it is extremely difficult to overhaul, and sometimes it must still be considered for use.