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The Company and Tapes of SKF Bearings

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The SKF company

SKF's full name is "Svenska killer fabriken," and its Chinese transliteration name as "SKF"; SKF group, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a leader in bearing manufacturing and technology. Svenska Ringquist invented the double row automatic centering ball bearing in 1905, and then founded Svenska kullargerfabriken Swedish ball bearing manufacturing company (SKF for short) in 1907, with continuous development and service to the world.

SKF holds the leading position in the world rolling bearing industry. Its operating tentacles have spread across the globe. Its business covers 130 countries around the world. It produces over 500 million bearings every year, and its sales network is all over the world. Also, the SKF group is committed to the research and development of the bearing industry, with a new patent coming out every two days on average. SKF company is also the first bearing group to pass ISO14001 environmental protection certification, which covers over 60 manufacturing units in 17 countries. SKF, while maintaining its leading position in the global bearing industry, has made unremitting efforts to develop technologies, products, and services in various fields over the years, and has grown into a bearing enterprise that is indeed dominated by supply solutions, creating higher value for users.

   The tapes of SKF bearing

SKF provides more than 20000 kinds of standard bearings. In addition to rolling bearing, the SKF group also manufactures linear bearing, sliding bearing, bearing box, ball, and roller lead screw, textile machinery parts, retaining ring, machine tool, and various precision machinery parts. With extensive experience in the above fields, we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to develop, manufacture, and apply multiple advanced engineering products. The smaller one is a miniature bearing weighing only 0.003 g, and the larger one is a giant bearing weighing 34 tons. Also, SKF provides a series of bearing maintenance tools, grease and bearing monitoring instruments (SKF Bearing heater, puller, etc.), to make the bearing users obtain higher benefits and achieve worry-free operation.

But the best quality of SKF Bearing is still rolling bearing. The rolling bearing can be divided into the radial bearing and thrust bearing according to the different load direction or nominal contact angle it can take. The radial contact bearing is a radial bearing with a nominal contact angle of 0, and the radial contact bearing is a radial bearing with a nominal contact angle greater than 0 to 45. The axial contact bearing is a thrust bearing with a nominal contact angle of 90, and the thrust angle contact bearing is a thrust bearing with a nominal contact angle greater than 45 but less than 90. According to the shape of the rolling body, it can be divided into ball bearing and roller bearing. The roller bearing is divided into cylindrical roller bearing, needle roller bearing, tapered roller bearing, and self-aligning roller bearing according to roller type. According to whether it can be adjusted during operation, it can be divided into self-aligning bearing - the raceway is spherical, the bearing that can adapt to the angular deviation between the axis lines of two raceways and the lean movement and the non-self-aligning bearing (rigid bearing) - the bearing that can resist the angular difference of the axis lines between raceways. According to the number of rolling elements, it can be divided into single row bearing, double-row bearing, and multi-row bearing. According to whether the components (rings) can be separated, they can be divided into separable bearing and nonseparable bearing. According to its structural shape (such as whether there is a filling groove, whether there is an inner and outer ring, the way of the ferrule, the structure of the flange, and even whether there is a cage, etc.), it can also be divided into a variety of structural types. According to its outer diameter, it can be divided into micro bearing (< 26mm), small bearing (28-55mm), medium and little bearing (60-115), medium and significant bearing (120-190mm), significant bearing (200430mm) and super significant bearing (> 440mm). It can be divided into motor bearing, rolling mill bearing, and main bearing according to the application field. According to the material, it can be divided into ceramic bearing, plastic bearing, etc.