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Ten advantages of IKO crossed roller bearings

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IKO Crossed Roller Bearings is a special type bearing with split inner ring and outer ring rotation. Since it is divided into inner ring or outer ring, it is easy to install the IKO cross roller collar when it is fixed with the cross roller collar to prevent separation from each other after the roller and spacer are installed. Because the rollers are arranged in a cross, only one set of crossed roller collars can bear the load in all directions. Compared with the traditional model, the rigidity is increased by 3 to 4 times. At the same time, because the inner or outer ring of the IKO crossed roller bearing is a two-part structure, the bearing gap can be adjusted, and even if a preload is applied, a high-precision rotary motion can be obtained. Moreover, due to its special structure, it is usually used as an articulated bearing in industrial robots.


The rollers of IKO crossed roller bearings are arranged at right angles to each other across the inner and outer wheels. They can support loads from all directions (such as axial, thrust or momentum loads) simultaneously. Because the rollers are in linear contact with the surface of the track, the bearing is less likely to deform elastically under load. This type of bearing is widely used in industrial robots, work machinery and medical facilities, etc., where high rigidity, tightness and high speed can still ensure accuracy.

In IKO crossed roller bearings, cylindrical rollers are arranged perpendicular to each other through a spaced cage, so a single crossed roller bearing can support loads in all directions including radial, axial, and moment loads. The dimensions of the inner and outer rings are miniaturized to a minimum. Especially the extremely thin type is a small size close to the limit and has high rigidity. Therefore, it is most suitable for joints or rotating parts of industrial robots, rotary tables of machining centers, Applications for robotic rotary parts, precision rotary tables, medical equipment, gauges, IC manufacturing equipment, etc.

As a partner of IKO bearing distributors, Eric bearing Limited has summarized the ten advantages of IKO cross roller bearings different from other bearings. I hope it can be helpful to you:

1.IKO crossed roller bearings have excellent rotation accuracy

The internal structure of IKO crossed roller bearings adopts the rollers arranged at 90 ° to cross each other perpendicularly. Spacers or spacers are installed between the rollers to prevent the rollers from obliquely inspecting each other. In addition, one side of the roller does not contact or lock up; at the same time, because the inner and outer rings are divided, the gap can be adjusted, and even if preload is applied, high-precision rotary motion can be obtained.

2.Simplified operation and installation of IKO crossed roller bearings

The outer ring or inner ring that is divided into two parts is fixed together after the roller and cage are installed, so the operation is very simple during installation.

3.IKO crossed roller bearings withstand large axial and radial loads

This is because the rollers are arranged perpendicular to each other on the rolling surface of the V-shaped groove at 90 ° through the spacer.

4.IKO cross roller bearing saves installation space greatly

The size of the inner and outer ring of the crossed roller bearing is minimized, especially the ultra-thin structure is a small size close to the limit, and it has high rigidity, so it is most suitable for the joints or rotating parts of industrial robots and the rotation of machining centers A wide range of applications include worktables, robotic rotating parts, precision rotary worktables, medical instruments, measuring instruments, and IC manufacturing equipment.

5.IKO cross roller bearing has high speed capability

6.IKO crossed roller bearings reduce shaft length and processing costs, and thermal expansion causes limited changes in geometric dimensions

7.IKO cross roller bearing adopts nylon divider, low moment of inertia, low starting torque, easy to control angular division

8.IKO Crossed Roller Bearing Optimized Pre-Tightening Force, Large Rigidity, High Roller Roller Running Precision

9.IKO cross roller bearing carburized steel provides excellent impact resistance and surface wear resistance

10.IKO crossed roller bearings are simple but fully lubricated

IKO cross roller bearing CRB series models are as follows:

CRB8016 CRB9016 CRB10016 CRB10020 CRB11012 CRB11015 CRB11020 CRB12016 CRB12025 CRB13015 CRB13025 CRB14016 CRB14025 CRB15013 CRB15025 CRB15030 CRB16025 CRB17020 CRB18025 CRB19025 CRB20025 CRB20030 CRB20035 CRB22025 CRB24025 CRB25025 CRB25030 CRB25040 CRB30025 CRB30035 CRB30040 CRB35020 CRB40035 CRB40040 CRB40070 CRB45025 CRB50025 CRB50040 CRB50050 CRB50070 CRB60040 CRB60070 CRB600120 CRB70045 CRB70070 CRB700150 CRB80070 CRB800100