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TIMKEN tapered roller bearing advantages

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TIMKEN tapered roller bearing advantages:

  1. Combined with radial and axial bearing capacity.
  2. The same bearing size, relatively longer life.
  3. The same carrying capacity, the size is much smaller.
  4. Regulation performance: Whether the axial clearance or pre-load, it will achieve the best performance in accordance with the design requirements.
  5. Because of tapered structure of the inherent characteristics of automatic shift oil from the contact area of the raceway to remove any particulate contaminants, thus greatly reducing the impact of the work environment pollutants.
  6. Compare to other types of roller bearings, the pure rolling effect is better, the friction coefficient decreases, the speed improvement.
  7. Because of its internal and external groove can be separated, it is easier for installation and unload.
  8. A variety of installation method to adapt to all kinds of bearing range and design limit.
  9. For the same rated life, the price is lower.
  These advantages realized bearing system optimization, in fact, in any using cases, it all can save equipment design and manufacturing costs, reduce maintenance and prolong life.