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TIMKEN Bearing Maintenance Process

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TIMKEN bearing is the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality bearings, alloy steel and related parts and accessories. No matter where in the world, as long as there is equipment running and power transmission, you can see TIMKEN's technology and products. TIMKEN bearings produce 230 types, 26,000 different specifications of tapered roller bearings, they are widely used in countries around the world. As early as more than 100 years ago, TIMKEN Bearing Company promised to abide by the highest ethics and integrity standards in business operations. Henry. Timken, the founder of TIMKEN Bearing Company, once said: "If you have an idea that you think is correct, stick to it ... But the important thing is not to do anything that will shame your name." Now, this spirit Has become the core value of TIMKEN. TIMKEN Bearing has a team of 27,000 employees worldwide and a strong team dedicated to improving the performance of their products. Helping customers achieve greater success is why they are awarded more than 300 awards by customers all over the world every year. Whether it is a wheel assembly for family cars, roller coaster bearings, rail bearing repair services, or aircraft engine shaft steel, TIMKEN bearings provide products and services that make the world run smoother.  TIMKEN bearings in stock , pls contact us freely . 

The maintenance of TIMKEN bearings is the daily work that the operation staff must carry out in order to maintain the normal technical state of TIMKEN bearings and extend the service life. TIMKEN bearing maintenance is an important part of TIMKEN bearing management. TIMKEN bearing maintenance work is completed, which can reduce TIMKEN bearing failures, thereby saving maintenance costs, reducing costs, ensuring service quality, and bringing good economic benefits to Timken and employees. 

Types and contents of TIMKEN bearing maintenance

Daily maintenance

Basic requirements for daily maintenance :


Neatly reflects TIMKEN's management level and work efficiency. All non-fixed TIMKEN bearings and equipment room items in TIMKEN Company must be neatly arranged; TIMKEN bearing tools, workpieces, and accessories should also be neatly placed; TIMKEN bearing parts and safety protection devices must be complete; All kinds of signs should be perfect and clean, and all lines and pipes should be neatly installed and standardized.

2.Maintenance per shift

Each shift maintenance of TIMKEN bearings requires the operator to do the following in each shift:

Check all parts of TIMKEN bearings before the shift, and lubricate and lubricate as required;

Do a good pre-shift inspection and confirm that the TIMKEN bearing is normal before use;

Use TIMKEN bearings correctly according to TIMKEN bearing operation and maintenance regulations;

TIMKEN bearings must be carefully cleaned and wiped before leaving work;

Complete the handover procedures.

3.Weekend maintenance

Weekly maintenance requirements require 1 to 2 hours to thoroughly clean, wipe and lubricate the TIMKEN bearing, and conduct inspection, assessment and assessment according to the "five requirements" of TIMKEN bearing maintenance. 

Regular maintenance

The regular maintenance of TIMKEN bearings is a periodic maintenance work carried out by a repairman, and is a task assigned by the engineering department in the form of a plan. TIMKEN bearings are regularly targeted for important electromechanical TIMKEN bearings. The interval of regular maintenance depends on the structure and operation of TIMKEN bearings. The regular maintenance of TIMKEN bearings can be divided into primary maintenance and secondary maintenance according to the depth, breadth and workload of the maintenance work. The workload of secondary maintenance is larger than that of primary maintenance. 

TIMKEN bearing shape is inch, that is, very large radial and axial inch, must be within the time allowed by the tool facility. Should choose to assemble and disassemble the bento, there is no need to protect, long protection period or easy to protect, replace the wearing parts, it is not necessary to move the two shafts, for the simple transfer of TIMKEN bearings.It is difficult for heavy tools to mobilize the two shafts, so it is better to use TIMKEN bearings that are durable and easy to replace wearing parts . Non-metallic inertial element flexible TIMKEN bearings normally have a longer service life than non-metallic inertial component flexible TIMKEN bearings. Need to seal smooth and use no durable TIMKEN bearings, will definitely increase the amount of protection tasks. After another run on a higher temporary and economic sites, like domestic metallurgical enterprises of high-speed roller drive fragmentary end, front tooth is widely adopted TIMKEN bearings, gear TIMKEN bearing large torque is transmitted on the practice course, but it is necessary to smooth and Only in a well-sealed environment can he master a long-term task. And it is necessary to review the sealing situation from time to time, injecting smooth oil or grease to protect the workload, increase the number of auxiliary work days, reduce the time of invalid tasks, and reflect the consumption benefits.In the prosperous country of the domestic light industry, diaphragm couplings with long life, which are not necessarily smooth and protective, have generally been used to replace drum-shaped TIMKEN bearings, which not only improves the economic benefits, but also pollutes the task conditions. The inertia live TIMKEN bearings and tapered block inertial TIMKEN bearings developed by the country are being selected for the drive system of rollers . There are no advantages of diaphragm TIMKEN bearings, and the effect of cushioning and vibration reduction is good, and the price is cheaper. 

TIMKEN bearing repair, maintenance, to ensure operational reliability, improve productivity, and economy, in order to prevent accidents in the first place, ensure operational reliability, improve productivity, and economy, can ensure good conditions for long-term bearings to maintain original performance .TIMKEN bearing cleaning: often used gasoline, kerosene as a common cleaning agent. After disassembling the bearing for maintenance, the appearance of the TIMKEN bearing is recorded for the first time. After confirmation, start to wash the remaining lubricant and spot check amount of the lubricant. Coarse and fine cleaning, cleaning and cleaning points, respectively, on the container, first put the clean metal bottom, so the TIMKEN bearing does not directly contact the dirt of the container.

1.Rough cleaning, use a brush to remove grease, adhesive materials, general cleaning, wash fine. If the dirt rotates with the TIMKEN bearing, it will damage the TIMKEN bearing rolling surface and should be resolved.

2.The sperm wash clean oil TIMKEN's bearing side rotates while cleaning carefully. In addition, the cleaning oil must be kept clean.

TIMKEN bearing maintenance and judgment: to make sure that TIMKEN bearing is deleted, it can be used to check TIMKEN bearing after cleaning.

Maintenance includes: monitoring working conditions, replenishing and replacing lubricants, regular disassembly inspections, and it is good to maintain regular and proper operation of standard machine working conditions. Maintenance operation, a rotating sound, vibration, temperature, lubrication conditions, tapered roller bearings and other separate bearing problems, you can check by rolling the body, the outer ring raceway surface.

Check the raceway, raceway, cage wear surface status, TIMKEN bearing clearance increases, and there is an unusual size without compromising accuracy. Non-separated small ball bearings, on the one hand, the inner ring supports the level, and the rotation of the outer ring is confirmed to be smooth. 


Large TIMKEN bearings, because they can not be rotated by hand, pay attention to check the appearance of rolling element raceways, cages, ribs and other surfaces. TIMKEN bearings are of higher importance and should be checked carefully.

When using TIMKEN bearings, we must first examine the appearance of TIMKEN bearings to determine if they do not meet the required standards. Here to share with you, we should check the part.

TIMKEN bearings should be inspected with astigmatism lamps, bearing TIMKEN, cracks and other parts should be carefully observed appearance.

1.Various mechanical damage such as galling, scratches, crushing, bruising, and the like, can lead to poor installation TIMKEN bearings, resulting in a partial load and stress concentration, resulting in a decline in the rotation accuracy and service life.

2.Rust, black, pits, the latter two defects is easy to store moisture and dirt, is likely to develop rust. Corrosion is the result of poor installation, early wear and fatigue, the source of severe corrosion will scrap TIMKEN bearings.

3.Varieties of raw materials, of cracks in the stress ,, against forging, heat treatment and grinding cracks cracks and other fractures, after the operation of the process TIMKEN bearing, will rapidly expand raiser, TIMKEN breakdown bearings, bearing The life of TIMKEN and employment security has a great impact. In fact, for important purposes, TIMKEN bearings, TIMKEN bearing factory, 100% of its components, or magnetic ray inspection.

4.Peeling, and folding the base metal binding is not strong and local defects, but often there are different degrees around the decarburization or lean carbon material easily collapse phenomenon, denting or wear, bearing life and precision TIMKEN disadvantage.

5.Retaining riveting or welding quality frame, the rivet head main observation deviation, skew, relaxation, or lack of meat "eyelid, the correct position of welding, solder is too large or too small, or if the welding is not strong cause excessive welding card Live scrolling phenomenon. 

TIMKEN bearing damage law in use

When the rolling surface of the TIMKEN bearing enters the third stage of wear, or pitting and spalling have occurred, the TIMKEN bearing will soon tend to fail. At this time, the damage of the raceway surface is very serious, repair is very difficult, or the repair has been lost value. It is better to transfer the repair of TIMKEN bearings to repair, which should be judged from the damage rules and characteristics of TIMKEN bearings. The damage of the most used small and medium-sized TIMKEN bearings is usually mainly caused by fatigue and excessive wear of the ring or rolling element. 

Normal TIMKEN bearing operation sound should be uniform, stable and non-piercing sound, while abnormal TIMKEN bearing operation sound has various intermittent, impact or harsh sounds. First of all, we must get used to the normal running sound of TIMKEN bearings, and then we can grasp the running sound of TIMKEN bearings that are judged to be abnormal. Then through the accumulation of practical experience, we can further analyze what kind of abnormal sounds correspond to what kinds of bearings normal phenomenon. There are many types of abnormal sounds of TIMKEN bearings, which are difficult to tell, mainly relying on experience accumulation. 

However, before the above stage, the TIMKEN bearing had relatively slight wear, and fatigue could only occur within a depth of a few microns to tens of microns under the surface layer of the rolling surface. Therefore, at this time, the bearing can be repaired at a small cost. Good repair effect. In short, the repair period of TIMKEN bearings is that when the bearings have been working for a long period of time, they have been fully utilized, and it is most appropriate to enter the repair before the damage occurs.