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Six Factors Affecting Sealing Performance of Sealed FAG Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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 Various household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, aerospace and other industries need to select a large number of sealed bearings in order to simplify the structure of the main engine, facilitate installation, maintenance, and eliminate the pollution of the surrounding environment to the bearings. High life reliability, and must ensure effective lubrication and sealing effects and vibration and noise reduction performance.Buy bearings FAG 6205-2ZR-C3 online,click here    


1. The influence of bearing structure on sealing performance
Compared with deep groove ball bearings with grooved inner ring, deep groove ball bearings with grooved inner ring, the sealing performance of deep groove ball bearings with grooved inner ring is better. Diameter, whether it is the leakage of grease inside the bearing or the ingress of dust outside the bearing, it must pass a longer seal radius, so the sealing performance is effectively improved.
2. Sealing clearance and interference
The structure of the sealed bearing lays the foundation for the performance of the sealed bearing, and the seal gap or interference control of the inner diameter of the seal ring and the outer diameter of the bearing inner ring is another important factor affecting the sealing performance of the bearing.
3. Control of bearing machining accuracy
The processing of sealed deep groove ball bearings is much more complicated than ordinary deep groove ball bearings, adding many processes. In the process of processing, in addition to the quality control of general deep groove ball bearings, it is also necessary to increase the seal groove size accuracy, shape and position accuracy, inner and outer ring chamfers, bearing inner and outer ring groove positions, and parallelism control of the grooves and end faces. and more.
4.Rubber seal
The structure, material and processing accuracy of the large amount of rubber seals used in sealed deep groove ball bearings have a great impact on the sealing performance of sealed deep groove ball bearings. The sealing ring material should be selected according to the different working conditions and different environmental media of the bearing in use.
5. Grease
The important function of grease in sealed deep groove ball bearings is to ensure that the bearings have sufficient lubrication to ensure the reliability of the life of the bearings and stable sealing performance. The grease should be selected according to the purpose of the bearing, the use occasion and the use conditions. Generally, the following characteristics are required: good stability and fluidity, good temperature characteristics, good vibration and noise reduction, good cleanliness, good rust, water and humidity resistance, good adaptability to sealing rubber rings, and Good dust and leak resistance.
6. Influence of working conditions on sealing performance
In general, the speed of sealed bearings has little effect on dust and grease leakage performance, but if there is a large amount of grease filling, after the bearing is saturated, grease leakage will increase as the speed increases, and external dust will also follow grease leakage The more the amount, the more it penetrates into the bearing.