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SKF bearing distributors tell you how to buy SKF bearings on

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SKF's full name is "Svenska Kullager-Fabriken"; the SKF bearing company is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is a leader in bearing technology and manufacturing. Sven Wingquist invented the double-row self-aligning ball bearing in 1905 and then founded Svenska Kullargerfabriken Swedish Ball Bearing Manufacturing Company in 1907. SKF bearings continue to develop and serve the world. SKF bearing is the world's No. 1 brand. Its tentacles have spread across the globe. Its business covers 130 countries around the world. It produces more than 500 million bearings every year and has a global sales network. The SKF bearing company is also continuously committed to the research and development of the bearing industry, with an average of a new patent coming out every two days. SKF bearing company is also the first bearing company to pass ISO14001 environmental protection certification. This certification covers more than 60 manufacturing units in 17 countries. SKF bearing company, while maintaining its leading position in the global bearing industry, has been working tirelessly for many years to develop technologies, products, and services in various fields. The value of.


SKF bearing distributors tell you how to buy SKF bearings online

These solutions can help users improve their overall production capacity. In addition to innovative SKF bearing products through special applications, there are cutting-edge simulation systems, consulting services, equipment efficiency services, and the most advanced supply management technology in the bearing industry.

SKF bearings provide more than 20,000 kinds of standard products. In addition to rolling bearings, the SKF Group also manufactures linear bearings, plain bearings, bearing boxes, ball, and roller screws, textile machinery parts, retaining rings, machine tools, and various precision mechanical parts. Gaining extensive experience in the above fields, he has the necessary knowledge and expertise to develop, manufacture, and apply multiple advanced engineering products. Smaller ones, such as miniature bearings weighing only 0.003 grams, can be as large as 34 tons each. SKF also provides a series of bearing repair tools, grease and bearing monitoring equipment (SKF bearing heaters, pullers, etc.), to enable taking users to obtain higher benefits and achieve worry-free operation.


SKF bearing distributors tell you how to buy SKF bearings online

With the development of the Internet and the popularity of electronic money payment methods, online shopping is becoming more and more convenient. Buying SKF bearings online can save a lot of workforces and material costs, making everything comfortable and quick. How to get online information on SKF bearings? How to buy SKF bearings online?

First, you have to find a reliable online SKF bearing distributor. By browsing their website, you can get all the information you want. The sites of these bearing distributors are generally more exquisite, and the product section lists almost all SKF bearing models. Secondly, you must determine the type of bearing you need in advance. Otherwise, it will be tough to return when you are looking for a product. Finally, you have to compare the SKF bearing prices of multiple SKF bearing distributors. You can't choose the highest price, because that's too expensive, and you can't choose the lowest price, because a product that is too low may not be of good quality. Eric bearing Limited can provide you with high quality and low price SKF bearings. Eric bearing Limited's prices are incredibly competitive, 30% lower than the customer's local market, and they have established multiple branch warehouses in Hong Kong Freeport.


SKF bearings Eric bearing Limited's complete designation of rolling bearing components and accessories consists of primary and supplementary codes. The underlying system is composed of taking type code, size series code, and inner diameter code. It indicates the primary type, structure, and size of the bearing, which is the basis of the bearing code. The supplementary system is the code added around the necessary system when the bearing structure shape, size, tolerance, and technical requirements change. The code added to the left of the underlying system is a front code to identify the bearing component. The code added to the right of the underlying system is a postcode to indicate a design type that is different from the original design or different from the current production standard.

SKF bearing front code

  GS——Thrust cylindrical roller, thrust needle roller bearing race. Example: GS81107-the raceway of cylindrical thrust roller bearing 81107.

  K——In the combination of thrust roller and cage. Example: K81170.

  K -—— By AFBMA standard series inch tapered roller bearing with inner ring (inner cone) or outer ring (cone ring) with roller and cage assembly. Example: K-09067-the inner cone of a tapered roller bearing of the series 09000.

  L——Single inner or outer ring of the release bearing. Example: LNU207——Inner circle of cylindrical roller bearing NU207.

  L30207——The outer ring of tapered roller bearing 30207.

  R——Separate bearing except for single inner ring or outer ring. Example: RNU207-Cylindrical roller bearing NU207 outer ring with roller and cage assembly. R30207——Inner ring of tapered roller bearing and cage assembly.

  WS——Thrust cylindrical roller, thrust needle roller. Example: WS81107—the shaft washer of cylindrical thrust roller bearing 81107.

Back code of SKF bearing

If there are several rear codes in Eric SKF bearing systems, these rear codes are arranged in groups in the following order: (1) internal design, (2) external design, (3) cage, (4) other features. Leave a kerf between the postcode and the base code in these three groups.

Interior design

A, B, C, D, E-When the regular internal structure changes, these postcodes, postcodes, and their combinations generally form part of the Wanbangda bearing series code. They are usually used only during the transition period, after Skip it. However, when they represent an alternative structure, these postcodespostcodes become permanent. Often, their meaning is specific to a particular bearing type or bearing series. E.g.:

Single-row angular contact ball bearings

  ACD-The contact angle is 25 degrees.

  B——The contact angle is 40 degrees.

  CC——The contact angle is 12 degrees.

  The cD-The contact angle is 15 degrees.

  BE——BE type bearing with a contact angle of 40 degrees, the steel ball is enlarged, and the glass fiber reinforced nylon 6.6 cage is used.

  Double-row angular contact ball bearings

  A——The standard design of bearings with an outer diameter of 90 mm or less, without ball gaps, using a glass fiber reinforced nylon 6.6 cage.

  E——There is a ball port on one side of the bearing, which can hold more steel balls, so it has a higher radial and axial bearing capacity.

  CAC, ECAC, CA, ECA-these are designed for large size bearings; the rollers are symmetrical. Both sides of the inner ring are provided with fixed ribs, and the inner circle guides the movable ring during the movement. The cage is solid brass or steel solid frame. CAC and ECAC bearing rollers and raceway surfaces are optimized to help guide the rollers and reduce friction. ECAC type has reinforced rollers to increase load capacity.

  CC, C, EC-This type of bearing rollers are symmetrical and have no ribs on the inner ring. Each row of rollers has a stamped steel cage. The inner-circle guides the retaining ring in motion. EC bearings use reinforced rollers to increase load capacity. CC-type bearing rollers and raceway surfaces are optimized to help guide the rollers and reduce friction.

  E——SKF adopts the latest standard design. The bearing rollers are symmetrical. The inner ring has no ribs. The movable ring made of iron bronze is close to the outer ring and guided by the cage. Each row of rollers has a stamped steel cage. E-bearings have all the advantages of CC-bearings. The newly developed cage can be fitted with more and longer rollers with larger diameters, making the bearing load capacity higher. The outer ring of the E-type bearing has an oil groove and three oil holes. W must be added to the rear code to indicate the difference.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

  B——Bearings use surface-treated rollers (full complement roller bearings).

  B4——The surface of the bearing ring and the surface of the roller are treated (full-loaded roller bearings).

  EC——The internal geometry of the bearing is improved, with a higher load-carrying capacity, the ribs and roller end faces have good contact and lubrication conditions and can withstand higher axial loads.

External design

  CA, CB, CC-universal paired single-row angular contact ball bearings, which can be installed in any (tandem, face-to-face or back-to-back) pair. Back-to-back or face-to-face arrangement, the ratio of the internal clearance to the average value before axial installation: small (CA), standard (CB), large (CC).

  -2F——Spherical ball bearings have dust retaining rings on both sides.

  -2FF——Spherical spherical ball bearings are equipped with combined dust rejection rings on both sides.

  G——Universal paired single row angular contact ball bearings. When face-to-face or back-to-back arrangement, there is a specific preload in the bearing before installation.

  GA-face to face, back to back arrangement, the bearing has a lighter preload.

  GB——face to face, back to back arrangement, there is medium preload in the bearing.

  GC-face to face, back to back arrangement, there is a heavier preload in the bearing.

  K——Conical hole, taper 1:12.

  K30——Conical hole, taper 1:30.

  -LS——The bearing has a contact seal on one side, and the inner ring has no sealing groove.

  -2LS-LS seals on both sides of the bearing.

  N——Stop groove on bearing outer ring.

  NR——The outer bearing ring has a stop groove and a stop ring.

  N2-There are two notches on the outer chamfer in diameter.

  PP——bearings (supporting roller bearings, cam follower bearings) have contact seals on both sides.

  RS-bearing (needle bearing) has a synthetic rubber or polyurethane contact seal on one side.

  -RS1——The bearing has a steel-lined artificial rubber contact seal on one side.

  -2RS1——RS1 seal on both sides of the bearing.

  -2RS——Bearings (needle bearing) have RS seals on both sides.

  -RZ—— Low friction seal with steel-lined synthetic rubber on one side of the bearing.

  -2RZ-RZ seals on both sides of the bearing.

  X——1. The basic dimensions have been modified to meet ISO standards; 2. Cylindrical rolling surfaces (supporting roller bearings, cam follower bearings).

  Z——The bearing has a dust cover (non-friction seal) on one side.

  -2Z——Dust cover on both sides of the bearing.

  -ZN——The bearing has a dust cover on one side and a stop groove on the outer ring, on the other hand.

  -2ZN——Dust cover on both sides of the bearing, and the outer ring has stop grooves.

  -2NR——Same as -ZN, and has a stop ring.

  -2ZNR-same as -2ZN, and with a stop ring.


  To indicate the guideway of the pen in the bearing, the letter A or B can be added after the rear code of the cage. A shows that the outer ring guides the pen; B suggests that the inner circle guides the pen. The rolling elements guide the unillustrated pen.

  Example: MA——Brass mechanism cage, outer ring guide.

  Numbers can also be added after the rear code of the cage to indicate different designs or materials.

  Example; TN9-glass fiber reinforced nylon 6.6 injection molding cage.

  F——Steel or special cast iron solid cage.

  J——Steel sheet forming cage.

  M-light alloy solid cage.

  MP-brass solid cage.

  P-glass fiber nylon 6.6 injection molding cage.

  TN——Engineering plastic injection cage.

  Y——Copperplate forming cage.

  V-full roller bearing (no cage).

  VH-full roller bearings (cylindrical roller bearings) composed of non-separable roller assemblies.