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SKF Bearings Regularly Check The Specified Conditions

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Regular maintenance of mechanical equipment is very important for production. As a precision part of mechanical equipment, periodic inspection of SKF bearings is especially critical. The following will introduce the necessity and key steps of periodic inspection of bearings. SKF bearing 7313 BECBP online , pls click here : 

It is important to keep the bearings lubricated and clean

Before inspection, the surface of the machine must be cleaned, and then the parts around the SKF bearing should be removed. The oil seal is a very fragile part, so it needs to be disassembled carefully, do not apply excessive force, and then carefully check the oil seal and its surrounding parts. If it has shown bad symptoms, it must be replaced. Damaged and severe equipment shutdown.

Check bearing lubricant

Rubbing a little lubricant between the two fingers, if there are contaminants, you can feel it, or apply a layer of lubricant on the back of the hand, and then seal the light to check.

Change the lubricant of the bearing

After the oil-lubricated bearings have been drained of old oil, if possible, add fresh oil and let the machine spin at low speed for a few minutes. As far as possible, the motor oil should collect residual contaminants, and then drain off these motor oils. The motor oil should be filtered before use.

Grease-lubricated bearings should be used when changing the grease. The Qiao remover should not have cotton joints to any part of the bearing, because these residual fibers may be wedged between the rolling parts and cause damage, especially The application of small bearings should pay more attention to this problem.

Cover exposed bearings

When inspecting bearings, never expose SKF bearings to contaminants or moisture. If the work is interrupted, the machine should be covered with oil paper plastic sheets or similar materials.

If the unshielded bearings are cleaned without disassembly and inspection may be performed, use a coating brush dipped in white spirit to clean, then dry with a lint-free cloth or blow dry with compressed air (Be careful not to start the bearing assembly to rotate).

1. Temperature conditions during measurement

The ambient temperature during measurement is specified as 20 ° C. The temperature of the bearings, gauge blocks, standard parts and measuring instruments must all be the same. The above method of placing them on the same metal plate can achieve the necessary temperature balance as quickly as possible, otherwise It takes hours or even days to achieve this balance.

In order to obtain correct measurement results, foreign countries rely on the mechanization of measurement to avoid touching these objects with human hands, or wear insulated gloves for operation.

2. Regulation of measurement area

For the measurement of the inner diameter or outer diameter of SKF bearings, the domestic regulations stipulate that the area is a large chamfer coordinate from the south end surface of the ring, while the foreign regulations stipulate that the area is twice the chamfer coordinate area from both ends of the ring Measure within.

3. Provisions for size standards

When using the comparative measurement method to measure bearing dimensional tolerances, the measurement block or standard part is used as the dimensional reference for comparative measurement. The measurement block must meet the requirements of the standard JB / T1078 "Measurement block", and the standard part must comply with the manufacturer's competent department. Provisions.

4. Provisions of measurement datum

For general SKF bearings, the non-printed end surface of the ring is taken as the reference surface during measurement, and for angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, the end surface subjected to thrust load is taken as the reference surface.