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Overview of choosing IKO bearings

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There are many types of IKO bearings in the form and size.

The appropriate bearing must be selected according to the various conditions required by the machinery and device used. Although there are no certain steps and rules to select the bearing, it can generally be carried out according to the following steps:

1. Confirm working conditions

Confirm the use of machinery and parts; determine the requirements, performance and special environment of the bearing

2. Choose the bearing form

Consider the direction, size, rigidity, friction, allowable speed and bearing space of the load, and select the bearing type that meets the working conditions

3. Choose bearing size

Calculate bearing load, bearing life, static safety factor, etc., select bearing size

4. Select the accuracy level

Choose according to the required accuracy of machinery and equipment

5. Choose radial clearance and fit

Choose radial clearance considering fit, temperature, speed, tilt of inner ring and outer ring, etc.

6. Determine bearing size, accuracy, radial clearance and fit

7. Choose lubrication and dustproof methods

Choose lubricating oil or grease lubrication; choose lubricant, if it is lubricating oil, choose lubrication method; choose sealing method according to lubricant

8. Design peripheral parts

Design based on installation and removal methods and installation dimensions

9. Determine the final specifications of the bearing and surrounding parts


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