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NSK Bearing Installation Skills

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NSK bearings are the basis of all machines; they are indispensable products in modern society; they are known as the "food of the machinery industry"; it ensures the quality of all industrial products; the purpose of NSK is to operate and control; the operation and friction of machines The phenomenon is rooted to ensure the stability of the rotation and operation; it is everywhere, always providing a colorful life for human beings and will contribute to the global energy-saving movement and resource protection.  NSK bearings 7210CTYNDULP4 online , pls click here


How can NSK bearings be installed for a longer time, a brief summary:

How to install the NSK tapered bore bearing ?


The tapered bore bearing directly fixes the inner ring to the tapered shaft or may be installed on the cylindrical shaft with an adapter sleeve and a disassembly sleeve.


Large-scale spherical roller bearings use hydraulic devices, for example, using hydraulic nuts to press into the sleeve device. An oil hole is provided on the adapter sleeve, while high-pressure oil is sent into the cooperation surface, and the method of pressing the adapter sleeve device with bolts. The amount of self-aligning bearings. Check the number of reductions in radial clearance and install the device. Use a feeler gauge to measure the clearance, and measure the clearance of the two columns together, the value should be basically the same.


As the scale of the bearing increases, when the device is mounted on the shaft, due to the elliptical deformation of the outer ring of the self-weight, if the clearance is measured at the bottom of the deformed bearing, the measured number will be greater than the actual clearance. Using this faulty radial clearance, Roughly a standard device will result in an excessive interference amount, or a practical device with too little play. Therefore, half of the sum of the two horizontal clearances a, b and the lowest clearance c should be used as the clearance. When the adapter sleeve of the self-aligning ball bearing is mounted on the shaft, it is necessary to ensure that the outer ring can be flexibly adjusted, and the clearance behind the device should not be too small. NSK Bearings has developed a new type of electric power steering, which adopts a universal design and can be used in a variety of models such as small cars and medium-sized cars sold worldwide by simply changing the software parameters. The product uses existing EPS components to reduce costs and shorten development time.

The contact stress of the working surface of the bearing is too large, the surface wear and fatigue peeling under load: this damage increases the axial and radial clearance of the bearing, generates noise during work, and destroys the correct position of the shaft with which it cooperates. According to the bench test, the rule of bearing damage is generally to produce permanent deformation after maintaining the dynamic load, and then crack from the riveting place. The cage is cut off, the steel balls between the bearing channels are stuck and cannot rotate freely, so that the local unit pressure is too large and is crushed, causing the metal on the working surface to peel off. The bearing heats up during operation and is discolored due to high temperature and annealing. Insufficiency or deterioration of lubricating oil in water, oxidation and corrosion of bearing surface .

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