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KOYO Bearing Repair

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KOYO bearings are mass-produced mechanical parts, and the manufacturing precision is very strict, and the degree of technical specialization is very high. Therefore, for most KOYO bearing varieties that are easy to buy, it should be more cost-effective to buy than repair, only in the following Situation, only consider the repair problem of KOYO bearings, namely

(1)A large number of KOYO bearings of the same type used in large factories are mainly in the form of rolling surface wear, fatigue or fretting abrasion, especially the damaged parts are mostly cages or rolling bodies, while the ferrules or washers still have Repair value

(2)Large and extra-large KOYO bearings, which are on the verge of failure or have failed and there is no major damage to the parts, or valuable KOYO bearings must try to extend their effective use period;

(3)Some KOYO bearing varieties that are really difficult to buy, have to be repaired without spare parts after failure, especially imported KOYO bearings;

(4)There are slight damages to KOYO bearings, such as slight rust generated during the inventory period, and slight fretting abrasion generated during transportation. It is a pity to repair such cases easily.

In addition to economics, the repair of KOYO bearings also has its technicality, which requires the repairer to fully understand the corresponding technical requirements of KOYO bearings, and the characteristics of KOYO bearings and their parts in structure, technology and materials, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee KOYO bearing repair has a satisfactory effect.

1.Economic benefits of KOYO bearing repair

Generally speaking, there are few varieties and large quantities of KOYO bearings, the price of a single KOYO bearing is high, or the structure of KOYO bearings is simple. The larger the size, the lower the repair cost and the higher the economic benefit.  Variety sizes of KOYO bearings in ERIC BEARING LTD stock , if you look for KOYO bearings , pls do free to contact us .

In addition, the operation of KOYO bearings is monitored and planned repairs are made before KOYO bearings fail, and you can get twice the result with half the effort. Following a reasonable process, using efficient repair equipment and tools, and obtaining the help of a professional KOYO bearing factory all contribute to improving economic efficiency.

2.Benefits of cooperation with professional KOYO bearing companies

In the business of repairing KOYO bearings, if users can obtain the cooperation of professional KOYO bearing companies, they may get the following benefits:

(1)The technical requirements of each repair process can be clarified, and how to ensure the overall quality of the repaired KOYO bearings,

(2)Many professional experiences of professional KOYO bearing factory can be used, which can reliably, efficiently and economically meet the process requirements;

(3)It is possible to order molds with a quantity of cards from a professional KOYO bearing company and use them for repair business, which may be more economical and save a lot of trouble;

(4)Accessories such as cages, rolling elements, rivets, etc. can be ordered from professional KOYO bearing companies, which may make repair work simple, convenient, and economical.

Analysis of main phenomena of KOYO bearing mechanical damage

Bearing mechanical damage refers to different degrees of groove marks on the alloy surface of the bearing pad. In severe cases, metal peeling and large-scale chaotic scratches occur on the contact surface; under normal circumstances, contact surface damage and ablation phenomenon coexist. The main cause of KOYO bearing mechanical damage is that it is difficult to form an oil film on the surface of the KOYO bearing or the oil film is severely damaged.

1.Noise and vibration are random;

2.Vibration frequency is above 1kHz;

3.No matter how the rotation speed changes, the main frequency of the noise is almost unchanged and the sound pressure level increases with the increase of the rotation speed;

4.When the radial clearance increases, the sound pressure level increases sharply;

5.The rigidity of the bearing seat increases, the lower the total sound pressure level, even if the speed increases, the total sound pressure level does not increase much;

6.The higher the viscosity of the lubricant, the lower the sound pressure level, but for grease lubrication, its viscosity and the shape and size of the soap fiber can affect the noise value.

The source of raceway sound is caused by the natural vibration of the ferrule after being loaded. The elastic contact between the ring and the rolling element constitutes a nonlinear vibration system. When the lubrication or processing accuracy is not high, the natural vibration related to this elastic characteristic will be excited, and it will become noise when transmitted to the air.

Effect of KOYO bearing seal quality on use

For bearing sealing, there are two main factors that affect the sealing performance of KOYO bearings, processing and manufacturing accuracy, coordination and assembly quality between various parts. To solve this problem, we must conduct in-depth research on these two aspects.   KOYO  6202 C3 bearings online , pls click here :

Impact of precision manufacturing of sealed bearings:

Sealed KOYO bearings, although there is no tolerance level for the accuracy level indicated, should be appropriately P5 grade, mainly due to the relative performance of the sealed bearings in the sealing performance, analysis of the accuracy of its rotation. The sealing performance of the bearing and the end face of the outer ring is a very strong beating effect, which will cause the grease in the bearing area to be repeatedly sucked along the axial frequency, and the spit out grease and dust increase the phenomenon of escape. On the lips, the axial movement that causes inhalation, spit alternately within the process of dissolving fat in the inner span, grease and dust, dustproof performance further deteriorated. Strict tolerance requirements related to manufacturing must be handled with dimensional accuracy and improved rotational accuracy.

The service life of roller bearing is closely related to the rotation resistance and sealing performance of roller.

1.Regardless of the rotation resistance, the sealing performance is poor, and the life of the KOYO bearing is contaminated by water and dust. Idle rollers of poor quality are used on belt conveyors, which makes people feel upset and unable to work. There are also painful costs.

2.Support rollers with an average rotation resistance of 1N, bearing life can reach more than 15 years; 2.5-3N rollers, KOYO bearing life is up to about 5 years; 5-8N rollers, bearing life can not exceed 1 year.