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Introduction and case analysis of FAG split spherical roller

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FAG spherical roller bearings have double-row rollers, the outer ring has a common spherical raceway, the inner ring has two raceways, and is inclined at an angle relative to the bearing axis. This ingenious structure makes it have self-aligning performance, so it is not easily affected by the angle of the shaft and the bearing box seat to the error or the bending of the shaft. In addition to bearing radial loads, this bearing can also support axial loads in both directions.

As one of the important basic parts, FAGsplit bearings are widely used in many fields. Split spherical roller bearings are mainly used in locations that are difficult to install and disassemble, reducing the difficulty of bearing disassembly. This type of bearing is suitable for low-speed and harsh environments. The easy installation and removal of bearings reduces the downtime of machines and equipment and improves production efficiency.



FAG split spherical roller bearings can be used in the following areas:

◆ Conveying equipment

◆ Material processing equipment

◆ Ventilation equipment

◆ rolled steel

◆ Ships

◆ Papermaking

◆ Mining and material processing (bucket wheel excavators and reclaimers, winches and pulleys, worm conveyors, bucket wheels and belt conveyors, mixing and mixing equipment, mills and crushers, sintering equipment and drum kiln, fans and Fans, dust removal equipment, transmissions and drive shafts)

◆ Pulp and paper industry (fans and fans, mixing and mixing equipment, dryers, transmissions and shafts, conveying equipment, crushing machinery)

FAG's split spherical roller bearings can replace integral spherical roller bearings with adapter sleeves. The prerequisite for replacement is the same diameter and width of the bearing inner diameter and outer ring. Split spherical roller bearings can be installed in split housings without the need for additional machining or replacement of the housing. If the internal dimensions are the same, it is also suitable for bearing housings produced by other manufacturers. Since the installation space of the split spherical roller is the same as the installation space of the integral spherical roller bearing with an adapter sleeve, it is very easy to replace.

FAG's split spherical roller bearings have a cylindrical bore on the inside diameter. The inner ring, the outer ring and the cage with a roller are axially split into two halves. The split inner ring of the bearing is fixed together by screws. The internal design of most split spherical roller bearings has evolved from the proven monolithic spherical roller bearing type E1. Bearing cages are usually made of polyamide or brass. The tolerances and clearances of split spherical roller bearings are the same as those of integral spherical roller bearings (cylindrical bores). The locking ring of most split spherical roller bearings is integrated on the inner ring.

FAG split spherical rollers are available in sizes ranging from 55mm to 630mm for metric shafts and 2-3 / 16inch to 16inch for inch shafts. In most cases, the outer diameter, outer ring width and diameter of the shaft seat are the same as those with standard matching spherical roller bearings of the 222. 230. 231. 239. 240 and 241 series. For example, the size and structure of 230SM320-MA split spherical roller bearings are shown in the chart below. The original product is 23068K + H3068HG, which can be replaced by 230SM320-MA product. It should be noted that the original bearing housing must be a split structure.

Because the split bearing is connected by a screw ferrule, the pitch circle of the rolling element assembly is reduced, so the bearing capacity of the split spherical roller bearing is slightly lower than that of the integral spherical roller bearing. In addition, the strength of the cage of the split product is low and the vibration caused by the rotation of the joint reduces the limit speed of the split product. The following table is the performance parameters of 23068K.MB products, which can be compared with the above table for reference.

Application examples of FAG split spherical rollers:

Installation of split spherical roller bearings for exhaust fans in chemical plants Spherical roller bearings for exhaust fans in a chemical plant need to be replaced, and its outer diameter is 230mm. In the past, each replacement of non-split bearings required 14 hours of downtime, resulting in a cost of about 280.000 euros. In addition, the cost also includes a large amount of downtime losses, labor costs, additional shaft alignment costs, crane rents, and other bearings that need to be replaced. If FAG split spherical roller bearings are used, the downtime is only 3 hours and the total cost is 60.000 Euros. Commissioning, crane rental and other bearing replacements are no longer needed. As a result, customers saved about 220.000 euros in expenses.