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How did SKF react to the COVID-19 pandemic

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With the first version of the new SKF configurator which is launched end of last year, we caught up with Victoria Van Camp, CTO at SKF, to hear about the impact of the configurators for the industry and the challenges that we are all facing due to the pandemic.

We reacted very fast and became much more flexible. We typically now have regular house meetings with the leadership, sales, manufacturing and engineering teams to keep everyone informed on what is going on at all levels of the company. That’s been a powerful change for us.

What I see now is that there is of course, ups and downs, with some industries going up and other industries struggling, and different geographical regions are certainly going a different pace. What’s required is not sitting around and crying over spilt milk. What you thought was the truth last week, might not be relevant now. And if you accept that you live in a changing world, it’s better. And that was actually almost a relief during the spring, when that realisation hit home for us. It doesn’t matter what we said two days ago, because now somebody shut down and we have to approach it differently !   ERIC BEARING LIMITED have rich stock for SKF bearings , if you are interested , pls do free to contact us .  


What’s next, strategy-wise ?

We’ve been thinking about what we can do to take care of making the company stronger, and how we can move out of the crisis. We’ve spoken a lot about mental health, making sure our colleagues aren’t worried or panicking while isolating. We’ve all been much closer as a result, so our community has benefitted. We’ve since been looking at long term trends, like the green shift and circular economy which isn’t new to us. And with less travelling and focus on what comes beyond COVID, we decided to just keep doing what we’re doing. We’ve become remote with a digital focus, and we’ve just had to push the accelerator even further past. We don’t have those two, three years guaranteed to do it now. So the mindset we adopted was also a beta. So we are in pain, our customers are in pain, how can we help them? Because customers will also not know what happens in the future. So is there something we can do now? So we put together a little package of sensors, apps, connections, that will be easy for our customers to implement quickly, as an example. And that was a result of thinking, how can we help them through tough times ?