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How To Maintain And Disassembly NSK Ball Bearing

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Users to make full use of NSK bearings and maintain their proper performance for a long time, regular maintenance must be done. Through adequate periodic inspections, early detection of failures and the prevention of accidents are essential to improve productivity and economy.

Inspection and judgment. To judge whether the removed NSK 6816V ball bearing can be reused, it is crucial to check its dimensional accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance, and mating surfaces, raceway surfaces, cages, and seals. The inspection results can be judged by these who are used to bearings or proficient in bearings. Judgment standards vary according to mechanical properties and importance and inspection intervals. If the subsequent damage occurs,  bearings must not be reused and must be replaced. They are stripping off the rolling surface of the raceway surface—fractures and defects of  bearing components.


When cleaning and removing the NSK ball bearing for inspection, make a record of its appearance by photography and other methods. Confirm the amount of lubricant remaining and sample the lubricant before cleaning the NSK bearing. For rough washing, remove grease or stickies with a brush or the like in the oil. At this time, if you rotate the bearing in oil, be careful that the rolling surface will be damaged due to foreign matter.

The cleaning of NSK bearings is performed in rough and fine washing, and a metal mesh racks can be placed on the bottom of the container used. During excellent washing, slowly rotate the NSK 6907DU deep groove ball bearing in oil, which must be performed carefully. Generally, the cleaning agent used is neutral water-free diesel or kerosene, and a mild alkaline solution may be used if necessary. No matter what kinds of cleaning agent is used, always filter to keep it clean. Immediately after cleaning, apply antirust oil or antirust grease to the bearings.

The NSK bearings removes the round type of the shaft, started in the ball, installs it into the mandrel start, applies lubricant to the shaft start, and the shaft start, and disassembles the shaft start into the shaft started. Then assemble the disassembled shaft starter with the shaft starter seat on the rod. Push to the required place to stop installation.


First, use an Allen wrench to loosen the locking screw on the shaft fairing sleeve and then insert a small iron rod into the counterbore on the top fairing sleeve to loosen the fairing sleeve against the purpose of the shaft's twist mark. Remove fairness. First, place the right sleeve on the right step of the FAG shaft opening inner sleeve, and tighten it to twist the foot along the axis. Then insert the small iron rod into or against the counterbore on the right sleeve. Use a foot hammer to strike the small iron rod to twist the axis. Make the right sleeve detachable and secure, and finally tighten the hexagon socket screw on the right sleeve.

NSK axis is turned on. Before installing the shaft start on the shaft, you must first remove the flow pin of the shaft start center sleeve, and at the same time, disassembling the bearing. The oil is rust-proof and lubricated, and the shaft is allowed to move slightly on the axis. Loosen the bolt of the flow shaft lift. Remove the shaft lift together with the shaft lift base from the shaft. One original shaft lifting bolt in the other axle should be loosened to prevent the two ends of the beam from breaking apart and breaking.