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FAG bearing cleaning and fault diagnosis

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  The judgment standard of FAG bearing according to the mechanical performance and importance and checking cycle for something different. If has the following injury, bearing shall not put into using again, it must be replaced, such as the fault and defects of bearing parts, raceway rolling surface of detachment. It should take appearance record with photography and other methods when demount and exam the bearing. In addition, to make sure the amount of residual lubricant and do lubricant sampling, and then clean FAG bearing. Usually we take neutral diesel or kerosene without water as detergent, sometimes use humoral lye according to different requirements. To keep clean we should filter regularly no matter which kinds of abluent.
  Checking and judgment: To decide whether reuse the removed FAG bearing or not, we should emphasize checking the bearing size accuracy, rotation precision, internal clearance  fitting surface, groove surface, keep cage and sealing ring, etc. Bearings cleaning divided into coarse cleaning and fine cleaning two parts. Coarse cleaning used a brush in oil to clear grease or sticky content. Fine cleaning should rotate the bearing slowly and carefully in oil. We should immediately wipe the antirust oil or rust grease on FAG bearing after cleaning.