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FAG Ball and Roller Bearing: What can We Know about Them

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FAG bearing is a technical fag main shaft bearing: the main shaft bearing is a single row angular contact ball bearing  which is composed of solid inner ring, outer ring, ball and cage assembly with solid window cage. They cannot be removed. These bearings can be open or sealed. The tolerance of the spindle bearing is limited. They are particularly suitable for bearing arrangements that require quite high guidance accuracy and speed capability. They are particularly suitable for the bearing arrangement of the shaft in machine tools.

There are many categories of fag bearings. Next, we will introduce the two most common ones: ball bearing and roller bearing.

  FAG ball bearing

Ball bearing, also called ball bearing, is a kind of rolling bearing. The ball alloy steel ball is installed in the middle of the inner steel ring and the outer steel ring to reduce the friction in the process of power transmission and improve the efficiency of mechanical power transmission. Ball-bearing can not bear a heavy load, which is common in light industrial machinery.

The ball bearing mainly consists of four essential elements: ball, inner ring, outer ring, and retainer. The ball bearing is generally used in low load mechanical transmission equipment, for the bearing area of the ball bearing is small, it is easy to have severe mechanical damage under the condition of high-speed operation, so needle roller bearing is often used in the automated transmission of a heavy load to increase the bearing surface, improve the automatic transmission efficiency, and reduce the mechanical damage.

The ball bearing changes the friction model of the bearing and adopts rolling friction, which reduces the friction phenomenon between the bearing surfaces more effectively, improves the service life of the fan bearing, and therefore extends the service life of the radiator. The disadvantage is that the process is more complex, the cost is increased, and the work noise is also higher.

   FAG roller bearing

The roller bearing is a kind of bearing. When the journal rotates, it makes circumferential contact with many rollers usually installed on the locating ring. The roller bearing can achieve good accuracy and rigidity by preloading. The inner-circle with a taper can also be used to adjust the working clearance of the bearing arbitrarily. This solution can ultimately achieve the demand for the printing machine roller bearing zero clearance.

The use of needle bearing still makes printing machine manufacturers tired of the need to process high-precision outer sleeve and the need for experienced installers to find a suitable needle group. To solve this problem, the bearing manufacturer developed the roller bearing support with an outer ring integrated flange. And the outer ring with flange addresses the issues of installation and lubrication for the printer manufacturer. Its roller bearing support scheme has become the mainstream scheme of roller support in the press.

FAG bearing as a significant brand in the bearing industry, its quality and function are at the top of the list, and as one of the most critical two kinds of ball bearing and roller bearing, it will be more and more widely used in the future.