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Analysis of Processing Technology Characteristics of KOYO Bearing Rings

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For the processing procedures of bearing sleeves, we have two common methods: one is a centralized procedure, and the other is a decentralized procedure. In order to better process the bearing rings, Eric Bearing Limited analyzes the relevant Some characteristics of these two process methods of bearing ring are hoped to be helpful to everyone in the process of bearing ring processing.

1. Concentrated process of KOYO bearing ring processing

The concentrated process of bearing ring can complete the turning of one or several rings in one process.  KOYO 30215 JR bearings online .

Features of the centralized process:

(1) Most or all of the turning processes can be completed in one clamping cycle, reducing the positioning error of the ferrule and the auxiliary time of the positioning, improving the position and dimensional accuracy between the surfaces of the ferrule, and improving the productivity. For batch production of small and medium-sized ferrules, 2 to 3 pieces can be produced on a multi-axis automatic lathe at a time.

(2) The process flow is shortened, the intermediate storage, loading and unloading, and transportation links are reduced, which is convenient for production management; and the amount of machine tools and tools is reduced.

(3) Conducive to the realization of automation and mass production, shortening the production cycle and reducing production costs.

But at the same time, there are higher requirements for process equipment and workpiece blanks such as lathes, cutting tools, fixtures and auxiliary tools.

For example, it is required to have a small amount of blank remaining and high precision of dimensions, and strict requirements on surface quality such as metallographic structure and hardness;

Lathes are required to have greater power, rigidity, and higher processing accuracy and automation. Multi-axis semi-automatic machines and automatic machine tools with multi-tools, multi-steps and multi-stations are often used. Generally, multi-axis automatic machines should be used for mass production. For machine tools, multi-tool semi-automatic lathes should be used for medium and small batches and variable processing models;

There are many types and quantities of process equipment, strong specificity, troublesome replacement of models, difficult and time-consuming adjustments, high technical requirements of workers, and reasonable production organization management.

2. Dispersion process of KOYO bearing ring processing

The dispersing process of the bearing ring needs to be divided into several clampings to complete-turning of a ring.

Characteristics of the dispersion process:

(1) Suitable for small batch and single-piece production of KOYO bearing seats for medium and large motors. Easy to organize production, simple and economical lathes and jigs, easy to change bearing models, and low cost. If a single machine is connected into an automatic line, it is also suitable for mass production.

(2) It can be processed by a high-efficiency special lathe with good rigidity and high power, which is convenient for selecting the best process parameters, and can be cut with high-speed and large-cutting, which improves the processing efficiency.

(3) The single machine can realize automatic loading and unloading, automatic cutting and automatic measurement. The machine is easy to operate and does not require high skills for workers.

(4) The requirements for ferrule blanks are not high, and various types, sizes, and KOYO bearing blanks with different batches of new and old code accuracy can be adapted.

However, there are many "dispersed processes" and long process routes, processing time and long time between processes such as storage, transportation, inspection, loading and unloading,-a ferrule requires multiple machines, multiple processes, multiple clamping and positioning, and multiple operations. Check that the positioning error is large and the machining accuracy is poor. Increased the consumption of people, property, material and energy.