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Analysis of FAG Bearing use Environment Considerations

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FAG bearings are precision components, and their use must be carried out accordingly. No matter how high-performance bearings are used, if used improperly, the expected high performance will not be obtained. Note about the use of FAG bearings are as follows.

1.Keep FAG bearings and their surroundings clean

Even if tiny dust invisible to the naked eye enters the FAG bearing, it will increase bearing wear, vibration and noise. Bearings and their surrounding accessories should be kept clean, especially dust and dirt, tools and working environment must also be kept clean.

2.Be careful when using and installing

Strong punching is not allowed, hammer is not allowed to directly hit FAG bearings, and pressure is not allowed to pass through the rolling elements.

3.Use appropriate and accurate installation tools

Use special tools as much as possible, and try to avoid using things like cloth and short fibers.

4.Prevent corrosion of FAG bearings

When you directly take the bearing by hand, you must fully wash away the sweat on your hands, and then apply high-quality mineral oil before operating. In the rainy season and summer, pay special attention to rust prevention. However, under certain operating conditions, the bearings can achieve a longer life than traditional calculations, especially under light loads. These special operating conditions are when the rolling surfaces (tracks and rolling elements) are effectively separated by a lubricant film and limit the surface damage that can be caused by contaminants. In fact, under ideal conditions, the so-called permanent FAG bearing life is possible.

According to the use location, use conditions and environmental conditions, select the size, accuracy, and suitable bearing is the premise to ensure the bearing life and feasibility.

First, the industrial design of the bearing is reasonably perfect and has a world-class level, and the strong quality guarantees its service life. Bearing forging must go through strict forging, bearing heat treatment, turning, grinding and bearing equipment and other rigorous procedures. Various processing procedures will affect the service life of the bearing. Among them, the quality of imported bearings is directly related to the failure of bearings. With the continuous progress of scientific and technological testing, FAG bearing surface testing found that the grinding process of the metamorphic layer is closely related to the quality of the FAG bearing surface.

Second, the metal lottery used in FAG bearing manufacturing was once a major factor affecting bearing failure. Now with the continuous progress of metallurgical technology, the extraction of raw materials has been improved very well, and the quality of materials has also been greatly improved. The quality factor has been significantly reduced in the failure of the bearing. At this stage, this problem still exists . 

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Third, whether the selection of bearing manufacturing materials is qualified is also a factor that must be considered for bearing failure. In the usual bearing failure detection, it is mainly based on a large number of Beijing materials, data analysis, failure environment, forging process to find out the bearing failure Solve the main factors to facilitate the continuous optimization of bearings, service life, and efficiency improvement. Extend the service life of bearings to avoid sudden early failure of bearings. Installation conditions are one of the primary factors in the use of factors. FAG bearings are often installed due to improper installation, resulting in changes in the state of force between the parts of the entire set of FAG bearings. The bearings operate under abnormal conditions and fail early.

According to the technical requirements of bearing installation, use, maintenance and maintenance, monitor and check the load, speed, operating temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication conditions of the bearing in operation. If an abnormality is found, immediately find the cause and adjust it to make it Back to normal.

But not all machines are equipped with such advanced equipment. In this case, the machine operator or maintenance engineer must insist on the FAG bearing fault signal alarm.

The sharp squeaking noise may be due to insufficient lubrication due to improper bearing clearance and metal sound. DAG on the outer ring of FAG bearing will cause vibration. As for the equipment caused by knocking on the scars, it will produce noise, this noise bearing different speed levels. If there is intermittent noise, then the rolling part may be damaged. But usually it is not necessary to replace the FAG bearing at this time. Therefore, bearing damage can be sensed through hearing. Of course, better methods can be used, such as electronic health monitoring equipment.

Running track and load of FAG bearings

FAG bearings, the raceway surfaces of the transition, inner and outer rings, because the rolling body touches the rolling body, so the running track is a dark surface, and it is not abnormal for the running track to be attached to the raceway surface, from which the load conditions can be known Therefore, when the FAG bearing is removed, pay close attention to and investigate the running track of the raceway surface. If you carefully investigate the running track, you will know that it only bears radial loads, accepts large axial loads, accepts moment loads, or has extreme rigidity unequalities on the bearing housing.

You can check whether the FAG bearing is added with unexpected loads and whether the device error is too large, etc., and it becomes the clue to trace the cause of bearing damage.

If the fault is not selected and can be used correctly, it can be used for a long time before the bearing life. In this case, the damage condition is peeling. On the other hand, there are accidental premature damages, and early damages that cannot withstand use. As the cause of the early damages, there are not considerations in operation and lubrication, and there is also foreign matter intrusion, errors in FAG bearing assembly and shaft deflection Large, the study of the shaft and bearing box is not good.

It can be said that there are many situations where these reasons overlap. Therefore, on the basis of fully knowing the machine used by the bearing, the operating conditions, and the layout of the bearing periphery, if you can clarify the situation before and after the incident, and then contact the damage status of the bearing and various reasons for investigation, you can avoid the recurrence of similar incidents.